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In a tanning bed, the ultraviolet rays enter your body and reflect off of each other (similar to a microwave). Hopefully everything is alright, but I would not continue tanning for the duration of your pregnancy.

Indoor tanning is VERY DANGEROUS at the best of times. The harmful rays damage your skin. Stop the tanning immediately. If you haven't over done the tanning sessions, everything should be ok. NO MORE...

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Q: How dangerous is indoor tanning if you have been tanning and just found out you are pregnant?
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Indoor tanning lotions are designed specifically for use with an ultraviolet light source, which is found in tanning beds. There are several different options available with indoor tanning lotions, including lotions that give a bronzing effect, and lotions that moisturize the skin.

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Do you have to use tanning lotion to indoor tan?

You don't necessarily HAVE to but it dries out your skin quickly, lessens your ability to tan and probably even more unhealthy for your skin. Also, I've found if you don't use lotion you kind of stick to the bed and it's very uncomfortable.

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Can you exfoliate after tanning?

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