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How deep is the ocean?


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Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean is the deepest known point, at just under 11 km below sea level.


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the ocean is deep because that is the shape of the earth and although we are not sure how deep the ocean is we do know that there is life in the deep. the ocean has made itself deep but there is really no cause that is known.

The deepest ocean is pacific ocean and its 35,837 ft deep.

They live in deep trenches in the ocean.

The deep ocean is often called the Abyssal Zone

The deepest ocean is 36,200ft deep

On average the ocean is 14,000 feet deep. The Challenger Deep refers to the deepest part of the ocean, which is found beneath the western Pacific Ocean.

the deep ocean basin consist of the deepest part of the ocean . :)

The Pacific Ocean has the deepest point in the Challanger Deep.

The ocean is averagely 14000 feet or 4267 meters deep.

A deep ocean trench is a deep underwater canyon. It is found at the deepest parts of the ocean. It is long, thin, and has steep sides.

because of ocean trenches are so deep that man made water crafts can't go that low

The Molley Deep is located in the Arctic Ocean. The Molley Deep is located in the Arctic Ocean.

what happens is the ocean floor does not just keep spreading.instead, it sinks beneath deep underwater canyons called deep- ocean trenches

once you are 1 mile out at sea it is considered deep ocean so about 90% of it

a deep ocean trench is a deep valley along the ocean floor beneath which oceanic crust slowly sinks toward the mantle

Cold ocean currents sink under warm ocean currents to form deep ocean currents.

a deep-ocean trench is a portion of the earth crust

Around the western edge of the Pacific Ocean

The ocean in certain points can be 11,030 meters deep.

The Deep End of the Ocean has 434 pages.

The Deep End of the Ocean was created in 1996-06.

Deep ocean trenches are deep slits in the middle of the ocean. The pressure inside these trenches is unbearable. long, curved valleys along the edges of the ocean basin

the answer is ............deep ocean current- a deep water current that flows below surface currents

The average depth of the Atlantic ocean is 10,955 feet. The deepest part of the ocean is about 28,232 feet deep in an area called the Milwaukee Deep.

deep ocean currents form by the differences in the density of ocean water

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