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How deep should tomato seeds be planted?

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Tomato seeds should be planted approximately one-quarter inch deep (6mm).

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How deep should lettuce be planted?

Well, it depends on what type of lettuce. Cos Lettuce should usually be planted 0.5cm (5mm) deep.

How deep do you plant a cucumber seed?

In general cucumbers are planted one inch deep and should emerge in 7-14 days. They can be planted along a fence in a row 18-36 inches apart, or in hills where you plant 4-6 seeds 3 inches apart and the hills should be 36 inches apart.

How deep do you plant a vegetable seed?

Different vegetables may require their seeds to be planted at different depths bit in general about one inch down should be OK.

Should I plant these bulbs in spring or fall and how deep should I plant them?

Tulips should be planted in Fall twice as deep as the bulb its self.

Why is the depth seeds are planted important?

It is important because if you plant it too deep,there will be no sunlight for it to grow,so you want to plan't it about 1 inch in the soil.

Why don't radishes get any bigger are they planted too deep?

This is s simple one. Because they were planted too deep. They need to be planted in shallow earth..not on holes.

How deep should the hole be when planting a tree or shrub?

The tree should be planted to the same depth as it was grown before lifting.

How deep do daffodils need to be planted?

Plant daffodils from 6-9 inches deep depending on their size. Daffodills should be planted twice the depth of the bulb in light soil and half that depth in heavy wet soil.

How deep should you plant a hibiscus?

A hibiscus plant needs to be planted only as deep as the root ball on the plant is. These plants can grow as high as 15 feet.

How deep should garlic be planted?

When planting garlic cloves in the fall (the proper time to do it), they should be planted 2 to 2 1/2 inches deep, base down. Cover and tamp down. When planted in the spring (which will result in smaller bulbs at harvest) they should be planted just below the surface. Keep well weeded - garlic hates competing with weeds. And plant only large cloves, if you want good-sized heads. Small cloves make small heads.

How deep do you plant asparagus?

Asparagus should be planted 6 inches down. There should also be a thin layer of soil over the top when planting.

Why did the peony not flower this year?

Peonies will not flower if planted too deep. The growth bud should be above soil level.

How many marijuana seedlings should you plant together?

None should be planted close to another. Like trees, their toot systems go deep and wide.

How deep should a house plant's soil be?

Well a house plant's roots should be planted 1 in. to 3 in. under soil, so the soil for a small house plant should be 3 or 4 inches deep. A medium house plant's soil should be 7 to 8 inches deep. A large house plant's soil should be 9 to 11 inches deep.

Will sunflowers grow if you plant them too deep?

If they were able to grow, then they obviously weren't planted too deep. Most sunflowers can be planted up to six inches deep and still germinate, though it will take longer to make it to the surface.

How deep should you plant seed potatoes?

Potatoes don't have seeds, they are vegetables, not fruits.while they are vegtables that does not mean they have no seeds only that the seeds are not in the part we eat. besides i think the question isn't about real seeds but instead its about the small bits of potato one buys for planting which are often, mistakenly, refered to as "potato seeds". as for the answer- about an inch-inch & a half deep.

I didn't realize that the seeds I was planting had to be pointy-tip up and only about 5mm in the dirt. I put them in and put water so they might be in rather deep will my seeds germinate at all?

it depends. which seeds and how deep? It has been my experience that if your seeds s were planted correctly, no matter the direction seeds are pointing, if nature intended for that seed to germinate, it will germinate & grow. It will only take longer & will have a more pronounced curvature than a formal upright growth. And even this will be at most extreme trunk area, which would not be noticed.

How deep should you plant green bean seeds?

Plant between 1 and 2 inches deep (do not plant too early, they will rot in damp soil)

How deep should a seed be planted?

It depends really. Some seed packets give instructions on how to plant it. You should grow it a few millimetres to the ground. (About 10-15 mm)

How deep do plant potatoes?

Potatoes should be planted 4" - 6" deep, but it will make little difference if you plant them deeper since the tubers (potatoes) form very near the surface regardless of planting depth.

How far apart do you plant romaine lettuce?

No closer than 3 or 4 inches. Five inches is best.

How deep do you plant your bulbs?

i do not have bulbs because they are just not my favorite but i would probably at-least plant them as far as you would plant a normal plant. Bulbs should be planted 2-3 times as deep as the size of the bulb.

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