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The novel of Uncle Tom's Cabin was written a full ten years before the US Civil War began. In the 19th century with slow communications, ten years is a very long time. It's impact on the war was minimal to none. Also, Harriet Beecher Stowe the abolitionist blamed the North and the South for the institution of slavery. The book sold well but it was a novel, not a documentary. Slavery was an evil but Uncle Tom's Cabin did not make 300,000 Northern soldiers lose their lives.

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Uncle Tom's Cabin, the novel, played a role in the Civil War greatly. It did so because Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote the book right before the Civil War started. She was an abolitionist, which means she was against slavery, and she wrote the book so that the North would understand how badly the South were treating their slaves, but she did actually exaggerate in some parts of the book. I believe she knew all about slaves because her parents owned slaves.

The North thought the book was interesting and got many Northerners thinking about slavery and how devastating it really was. The South took it as an attack on the South as a whole. Abe Lincoln claims that Harriet was the little girl who started this big war.
When Abraham Lincoln met the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin (Harriet Beecher Stowe) he made it clear to her that her book caused the Civil War. The people of the North were very uncomfortable with slavery, but until they read that book, they were fairly ignorant about the daily lives that Southern slaves lived.

Uncle Tom's Cabin was circulated through the United States more than any other book, except The Bible. That fact is not made clear through the book sales figures. Books were shared frequently at that time in our history. The most accurate way of determining how many American read it is to take the sales figures and times them by 10. Ten readers per book.

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Q: How did 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' play a role in the Civil War?
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