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How did 7-up get its name?

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PCH= Nobody knows for sure

AnswerI have heard that the seven came from the flavors. The "up" part came from the direction the bubbles go. You would think that they could be a bit more creative with the name.

Well acually it's named 7 up because:the bottle weight 7 ounces and the direction of the bubbles go up
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Which has more Carbonation coke or 7up?


Density of 7up?

Density of 7up is just over 1 diet 7up is under one

Does 7up have caffiene?

No, All types of 7Up do not have caffiene.

How many calories are in 7up?

There is 240 calories in 7up!!!!

Was sprite or 7up made first?

It was 7up in 1929.

Does 7up have any caffeine in it?

This is a quote from their website: "7UP is stripped of artificial flavors and preservatives. Whats left is the clean, crisp taste of 7UP. As always 7UP has no caffeine." == ==

Is there caffeine in 7up?

Yes but only in some kinds of 7up.

PH level in 7up soda?

The pH of 7up is 3.67

Does a metal nail dessolve in 7Up?

7Up can corrode iron.

How does 7Up differ from Coca-Cola?

* 7up is clear, Coke is dark * Diet seven up has less aspartame than diet Coke * 7up is citrus, Coke is not * 7up does not have caffeine or caramel coloring

Do you like 7up?

Yes, I personally like only 7Up as it is my favorite soda.

What is the difference between spritesierra mist and 7up?

jebus is 7up and not spritesierra mist

Is 7up a coke or Pepsi product?

7UP is distributed by PepsiCo outside the USA

Why add sprite or 7up to meat when slow cooking it?

sprite cooks meat faster than diet 7up because 7up make it cook it slower

What cleans pennies best Dr Pepper root beer coke or 7up?


Does Pepsi make 7up?

No, 7up is made by Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc.

How many ml are in 7up?

That all depoends on how much 7up is in your can, your bottle, or your drinking cup.

How many grams of sugar in a 7up?

A 20-oz. bottle of 7up contains 25g of sugar.

Which cleans a penny faster Pepsi or 7up?

Pepsi because it is more acidic than 7up.

Will 7up rust a nail?

Well I did and experiment for 30 days with 7up and an iron nail and it did not rust.

How many sugars is in one can of 7up?

There are 38 grams of sugar in one 12 ounce can of 7UP.

Why does 7up evaporate faster then water?

inside the 7up bottle pressure is more, out side pressure is less, when we open the cap of 7up immediately it evaporate. it is based on boyle's law we can say.

Which one taste better 7up or sprite?

Well people have opinions.Mine is sprite yours might be 7up.

Is there caffiene in 7up?

In some 7up products there is caffeine but not in all of them. Most pop types contain caffeine

Is 7up good?

yes it helps your stomach calm down. Whenever you're sick drink 7up.