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How did Adolf Hitler die was he posined?

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Adolf Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945 by shooting himself.

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Adolf Hitler committed suicide at age 55.

Although Adolf Hitler's death is not clear, Adolf Hitler did not die by assassination. It is known that he had suicided with his wife, Eva Braun. Adolf Hitler was known to be killed by a gun while Eva Braun had ingested poison.

Adolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler created the Holocuast because he wanted all the Jews to die.

Hitler died on 30 April 1945 and his name was Adolf Hitler when he was born.

Adolf Hitler killed himself... by gunshot.

Hitler died in his Fuhrerbunker in Berlin.

if adolf hitler did not die then he would have been thrown into prison for the rest of his life or torterd inside one of his own death chambers.

Adolf Hitler was 56 years old when he ended his life.

The leader of Germany during World War II was Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889-April 30, 1945).Aldof HitlerAdolph Hitler.Adolf Hitler.Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party.Adolf HitlerAdolf HittlerAdolf Hitler was the leader of Germany in World War II.Adolf Hitler.Adolf Schicklgruber (Adolf Hitler) he was the leader of Nazi Germany during the war

Adolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf Hitler

He was an idiot!ADOLF HITLER

On 30 April in his bunker in Berlin.

Adolf Hitler killed himself in hiding underneath Berlin.

Adolf Hitler died on 30 April 1945 After comitting suicide.

No, his full name was Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler was from Austria.

No, Adolf Hitler shot himself dead while in his Berlin bunker in Germany.

Adolf Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945 by shooting himself.

Adolf Hitler shot her along with himself

no. the body was found and it was NOT in 100 pieces.

He died on April 30, 1945

Adolf Hitler committed suicide

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