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How did African slavery get started in Central and South America?

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The African Slave trade in Central and South America actually started in the Caribbeans. Many people know that the Spanish/Portuguese were in the "Americas" for "Gold, Glory & God". This holds true in this circumstance as well.

Upon discovering the island of Hispanola (which is today Haiti/Dominican Republic), Christopher Columbus brought over Sugar Cane on his second trip. They needed people to grow the sugar can though and this is where the problems began. Originally they began to use the Hispanola natives as slaves to cultivate the sugar cane crops, but there were two major problems with this: 1. The Hispanolas were not physically capable of withstanding slave conditions and 2. the Spanish/Portuguese missionaries wanted to convert them to Christianity. The later could not effectively be done if they were enslaving the people for the people would want to know why this new "God" would treat them like this.

Then the Portuguese came up with an idea. Why not take the African slaves they were already using in parts of Europe and send them to the Caribbeans. The African slaves were stronger and could withstand more work/abuse then the Hispanolas and the missionaries could have their converts.

Everyone would be happy!

And that's were African slavery and Central and South America came from. From the Caribbeans it spread out into Central and South American (both of which were highly populated and owned by the Spanish and Portuguese).

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When did slavery started in America?

it started in 1619

How did slavery start for African Americans?

When did slavery begin ? slavery started in 1619 with servants in Jamestown

Where did African American slavery start?

slavery started in 1440 when Portugal started trading slaves to western Europe

Why was slavery started in America?

For cheap labor.

What were the reasons for slavery in America?

slavery in the Americas started when the Europeans came over and they started to enslave the native people

When did black slavery start in America?

Black slavery in America started in 1807. No, it was prior to 1776. There was discussion about including the elimination of slavery in the declaration of Independence.

Did slavery start in 1820?

No slavery was used in ancient cultures. It was started in America in 1719.

Why did African slavery start?

africa was a very poor country, they sold their own people to america and other countries, so ultimately they started their own faith

Who started slavery in America in the 1600s?

Blue from blues clues

When did slavery began?

Slavery began in Biblical times with Jews enslaved to the Pharoahs in Ancient Egypt. Slavery with African-Americans started when explorers discovered Africa and African villages around 1200-1400.

What started the Mexico and Central America revolution?


What was the year when the slave trade started?

the portuguese1640, Maryland became the first colony to institutionalize slavery. In 1641, Massachusetts, in its written legislative Body of Liberties, stated that "bondage was legal" servitude, at that moment changing the conditions of the African workers - they became chattel slaves who could be bought and solely owned by their mastersFROM: this it wasn't considered slavery. they were indentured servants in Virginia, but that's like slavery from my perspective.even prior to this the Spanish used slavery after the encomienda system started to flunk out in modern day central and south America, so they replaced the system with African American slavery. I'm not sure the exact year though.

Did a black man start slavery?

It seems quite likely that a black started enslavement of blacks. =========== Slavery in general started many hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. African slaves in the colonies began as the slaves of other African tribes who sold them to white traders.

What did Abraham Lincoln give America?

He Started the American Civil War and Ended Slavery.

Who was the president when African American slavery started?

The first slave arrived in 1619 well before the revolution and the constitution, so there was no president when American slavery began.

What started the growth of the US?

The immigration from Europe, Asia, and South and Central America

French creole is spoken in what country in Latin America?

There are no French-based creoles spoken in Latin American countries, except by immigrants from French Creole speaking countries. ----- ACTUALLY there is French Creole spoken in Central America, because Creole was started (idk if they started it but still) from the African Americans who lived there.

When did gospel music originate?

If one means African American gospel, then it obviously started with them (during the slavery years) - being a mixture of American and African styles of music.

How did African loanwords spread?

African loanwords started when sone guy came from Africa to America abd started to say that and that person(s) told other people and so on.

When did slavery start in north America?

Virginia was the first English colony to import slaves from Africa in 1619, but in the Spanish colonies in Mexico, slavery started in the 1560s.

What year did racism start in America?

African Americans were brought to America in the 1600's which is when Americans started to be racist against them

What was the African group of people that started in west Africa and migrated to central and southern Africa?

Bantu People

Where did slavery started?

slavery started in ancient times, probably as early as the stone age

Where did the Spanish conquest start?

I believe that it started in Central America -- Granada, Nicaragua (95% positive)

Where did African slavery begin?

It began during the middle ages, when the South started developing and needed slaves. At the South African-Americans left because they heard in U.S. had a better future.