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How did Alabama get its name?

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2017-01-14 05:29:50

Alabama means "tribal town" in the Creek Indian language and

"plant cutters" in Choctaw. The French recorded the Alabama River

as something like "where the Alabamians live". So whatever the

correct etymology is the name stuck and Alabama is named for the

Native Americans that lived there.

It comes from the Alabama Indians a Native American culture that

lived in the area. The name may be from the Choctaw language

meaning "plant cutters" but its certain etymology is unclear. In

any case they were known by that name to the early French explorers

of the region.

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2016-12-30 19:06:14

The US state of Alabama was named after the Alabama River that

runs through it. It seems that the name was based on a Native

American name and the European settlers used "Alabama" for the area

they settled in.

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2008-01-05 09:54:51

Alabama means "tribal town" in the Creek Indian language.

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