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How did American's contribute to World War 2?

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Americans bought war bonds. wich was simpply donating money to the war effort

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How did the Mexican Americans contribute during World War 2?

The Mexican Americans contribute during world war 2 because of a program called Bracero and that's how they contribute during world war 2.

How did African Americans contribute to the war effort in World War 2?

They had their own fighter squadrons and battalions

How did World War 2 contribute to the end of European imperialism?

World War 2 contributed to the end of imperialism.

Who are holders of World War 2 army World War 2 guadalcanal?

japenese then the Americans

How did rationing help contribute to the war effort in World War 2?

by balls

What was the overall impact on liberty bonds in world war 2?

liberty bonds told Americans to support their troops and made them feel special if they did it. this made Americans believe the propaganda and contribute the cash to the war. besides instilling confidence of the war in Americans, liberty bonds sent cash to the war and helped.

How did a failure of collective security contribute to World War 2?

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How did psychologists contribute to World War 2?

they found out they always do.

Did the treaty of versialle contribute to world war 2?


How did Canadian farmers contribute to world war 2?

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How did ww1contribute to World War 2?

WW1 did not contribute to WW2

How did antisemitism contribute to the beginning of world war 2?

Antisemitism did not contribute to outbreak of World War 2. Hitler invaded Poland in order to seize land, not in order to hunt for Jews.

Which Americans were interned during World War 2?

Japanese-Americans .

How many Americans died in World War I and World War 2?

In World War 1 about 100,000 and in World War 2 about 400,000. There are other estimates as well.

How did Native Americans and African Americans contribute to World War 2?

Both of these groups of people helped in the war effort in a variety of ways. They fought in combat and even served as cooks, their wide range and variability made them very useful.

How did the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki contribute to world war 2?

It brought the end of the war.

How many Americans volunteered to be in world war 2?


Who was the Americans in war with in World War 2?

they were in war with the japanese/germans/italians

What tanks were put into battle by the Americans in World War 2?

the Americans brought the Sherman into world war 2. they also gave the Sherman to the British and Canadians.

How wee the Americans drawn into World War 2?

The Americans were drawn into World War II after the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.

How did the treaty of Versailles contribute to the start of World War 1?

It didn't. It helped start World War 2.

Who did the night of the long knives contribute to world war 2?


How Hitler contributed to world war 2?

Hitler did not contribute to it, he started it.

How did Germany contribute to the start of the World War 2?

they invaded Poland

When did world war 2 end for the Americans?