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Rear echelon based GI's, such as clerks, cooks, supplymen, (medical) aid station staff, wheeled vehicle personnel, aircraft mechanics & crews, normally had access to a 1/4 ton (Jeep). Or they walked from place to place within the base; often catching a ride from some passing army vehicle. Line troops (Infantrymen, tank crewmen, cavalrymen, artillerymen, etc.) stayed with their outfits. If a trip needed to be made into town (a nearby village) for ice (a 3 foot long block of ice) to be divided up between tank or ACAV crews for their ice chests (army issue), then a tank, but normally an ACAV (Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle-M-113 APC-Armored Personnel Carrier) would be detailed to ride into town and pick up the item(s). Infantrymen were usually stuck with a truck, for re-supply runs. Tracked GI's distained wheeled vehicles...they did not survive land mines very well. If a helicopter was beginning to take off, and you waved it down, they might give you a left. The door-gunner would pull back his helmet covering his ear and you would yell where you were heading, he'd say a few words thru his microphone, then either nod get on, or wave his hand, no he couldn''d step back, and off they'd go.

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During the Vietnam War, African American soldiers were?

More likely than others to serve in combat positions

How many us soldiers died in vietnam?

A total of 58,168 American soldiers died in Vietnam during the Vietnam War!!

How many died during the Vietnam Conflict?

58,226 American soldiers

What did American soldiers eat during the Vietnam war?

Canned "C" rations.

How many american soliders were killed in the vietnam war?

More than 58,000 American soldiers lost their lives during the Vietnam War.

How many Americans died during the Vietnam war?

58,226 American soldiers died in Vietnam or were listed as missing in action.

Aproximately how many American soldiers were killed in the Vietnam War?

More than 58,000 American soldiers lost their lives during the Vietname War.

What unique faced the American soldiers during the Vietnam war?

Stabbed in the back by their own countrymen.

What did American soldiers do for fun during the Vietnam War?

Swam in rivers, played cards, listened to music.

About how many american soldiers died in the american revolution?

There were approximately 25,000 American soldiers that died in the American Revolution. The British lost around 20,000 soldiers during the war.

What are Chi-Coms that American soldiers carried during the Vietnam War?

Chi-Coms = Chinese Communists.

Large numbers of American soldiers fought against communist forces during what Asian war?

Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War African American soldiers were?

More likely than others to serve in combat positions

Why did the American soldiers wear a peace sign around their neck during the Vietnam War?

Because they were disenchanted with the way the war was going, and were desperate for peace. The terrible psychological impact of fighting in Vietnam, or any war for that matter, cannot be underestimated. It was this which prompted many American soldiers, who were drafted into the conflict without consent, to desire peace.

Were american soldiers stationed in South Korea during the Vietnam war?

The United States has had a continuous military presence in South Vietnam since the war in 1950.

How many American soldiers are in Vietnam today?

The only American soldiers in Vietnam today are those assigned to embassy or consulate guard duties, and forensics teams searching crash sites, etc. for the remains of U.S. military members killed during the war.

How many American soldiers were killed in the Vietnam War and how many were women?

Of the more than 58,000 American soldier killed during the Vietnam War, eight were women. Sixty American female civilians were also killed.

What was the name of the sharpened bamboo booby-traps that menaced unsuspecting American soldiers during the Vietnam War?

Punji stakes.

What were the Vietnamese soldiers called?

During the Vietnam war, the army of men trying to overthrow the South Vietnamese government were widely known as the Viet Cong by American soldiers and their allies.

What were American soldiers called during the American Revolution?

American soldiers were typically referred to as Colonials or Patriots during the Revolution.

How many American soldiers served in Iraq and Vietnam?

During the Vietnam War; over 3 million men served in SE Asia during the war; 2 1/2 million men served in country.

What year of the Vietnam war had the most American casualties?

Probably 1968. Correct! Nearly 17,000 soldiers died during 1968 alone.

Where were the American soldiers stationed during World War 1?

During World War I, American soldiers were stationed in France. In July of 1918, there were over a million American soldiers there.

How many South Vietnam soldiers were killed during the Vietnam War?

See: Statistics About the Vietnam War. Recommended by the History Channel.

Was America's security at risk during the Vietnam War?

Yes, it was. During the war, the American soldiers were not recognized by the North Vietnese, but by the most sheer luck. Had they been recognized, North Vietnam may have taken seriour action against the US.