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DURING THE WAR they simply received a military funeral.

The military honored their own.

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What was built to honor the fallen American soldiers in Vietnam?

Nothing - didnt deserve it.

What ARE fallen soldiers?

Fallen soldiers are soldiers who have died in the line of duty.

What is the meaning of fallen soldiers?

Fallen soldiers are soldiers who are killed in battle.

Why did waler dean Myers used the title fallen angels for his book?

The title fallen angels is extremely relevant because the name "warrior angels" was given by lieutenant Carroll to American soldiers who fought in the Vietnam war. Therefore when soldiers were killed in action they became "Fallen Angels".

How long was perry in Vietnam during chapter 16 of fallen angels?

what is close to 4 months

Which soldiers did you originally honor on Memorial Day?

The fallen soldiers of the Civil War were those recognized during the first Memorial Day.

Use the word grieve in a sentence?

I will grieve during the funeral. The soldiers grieve for their fallen comrade.

Lacking the firepower of the americans what did the vietcong use for weapons?

They used their aks but often picked up m16s from fallen American soldiers

Is there a memorial to the soldiers of the conflict of the Vietnam war?

Well, sort of. I am learning about this right now in History class. Veteran's day is technically considered a memorial to all soldiers who have served in the U.S. army. So I guess that would count as a memorial to veterans of the conflict in the Vietnam War. There is also a wall of the names of all soldiers who died in the Vietnam War. I believe that there is some 58,000 fallen soldiers' names on that wall. Thank you for being so interested in the wonderful soldiers of our country who serve for our great blessings of liberty and freedom. This was a great question and I am glad to enlighten you on the Veterans of past wars. Thank you to all of our fallen soldiers and soldiers out on the battlefield right now! We support you 100%! Thanks again for asking this wonderful question! :)

How do you use obsequies in a sentence?

The church had multiple obsequies during the weekend for the fallen soldiers that were returning back to their hometown.

What is ANZAC day's significance to world war 1?

te remember the fallen soldiers from Australia during WOP I

What actors and actresses appeared in Fallen Soldiers - 2012?

The cast of Fallen Soldiers - 2012 includes: Gary Renouf as himself

The battle of Fallen Timbers was between the us and who else?

The battle of fallen timbers was between the Americans and the Native Americans.

What monument was erected in Washington DC in honor of the people who died during war in Vietnam?

It's called the Vietnam Memorial. It's a large black wall with the names of the fallen and missing engraved on it.

When did Fallen Angles take place?

Vietnam in 1968

What happened during the the battle of fallen timbers?

The United States fought with and defeated Native Americans because they wanted to take over the Native Americans' land.

Why do Vietnam veterans leave letters and gifts on the Vietnam wall?

They are showing that they remember their fallen comrades.

What is the major setting in fallen angels by Walter Dean Myers?

South Vietnam during the time Perry was there it was about 12 months from 1967 - 1968.

What does the red on a poppy represent?

bloodshed from fallen soldiers

Delhi landmark fallen soldiers?

India Gate

Why do you need war memorials?

to honour fallen soldiers

Is Flander's Field a cemetery?

Flanders Field is an American World War 1 cemetery in Belguim. For Canadian soldiers who have fallen during batlle.

How did the trenches affect the soldiers in world war 1 and 2?

the trenches affected the soldiers during ww1 ww2 by supplying some cover for the soldiers and they were also a living hell because they held water and were often soaked by blood from fallen comrades

Which city had fallen to North Vietnam by the end of April 1975?


Why did the british refuse to help the native Americans during the battle of fallen timbers?

the British did not want to be involved in another war with the united states because the battle of fallen timbers was soon after the revolution. lexi low

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