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of course anne frank was devistated to be at the camp, but she still kept up all her spirit. her father told her that nobody can put a bolt oin her imagination.

I don't agree. She must have felt terrible. Those camps were far from nice and maybe she was optimistic but she surely wasn't happy in that camp!

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How did Anne Frank feel about concentration camp?

She probably would have felt very much the same as anyone else there. Not very happy.

When did Anne Frank immegrate to the Netherlands?

Anne Frank moved to the Netherlands because her father felt they would be safer there.

Why did anne frank keep a diary?

because she felt bad about her self

Why was Anne Frank haunted by Hanneli?

she was haunted by hanneli in her dreams because she was he best friend and she felt bad that she had a good life in hiding and shes not in a consecration camp like hannalie so she felt gulty since she couldn't help

Why did anne frank feel fortunate to live in the secret annex?

she felt sad

How did anne frank feel after hiding?

she felt sad becuase she didnt have friends

Why did Anne Frank hold her escape bag?

She felt very safe when she is holding it..

Why did Hana Brady's parents need go to a concentration camp?

they felt like going on a holiday

What were Anne Frank's feelings?

Anne Frank likely felt fear, shame, and anxiety over her situation and her family's well being. They felt like outcasts and criminals when they had done nothing wrong.

How did Anne Frank feel in World War 2?

She felt cut off from the world, petrified, taunted, felt like she didn't fit in with the world.

What are some emotions that Anne Frank felt?

-Love -Despair -Curiosity -Peace -Anger -Denial -Hope

How did anne frank feel about Jews getting arrested for not turning themselves in voluntarily?

she felt very scared'

What kind of things did anne frank write in her diary?

Anne wrote all about how she felt and what was happening in her life. Whenever she was excited, sad, happy, etc... she would write

What was Anne Frank's opinion of her mother?

Anne Frank loved her father the most in her family. She did not like her mother neither her sister- Margot. Anne felt that her mother was partial towards Margot and always favoured Margot. Mrs. Frank used to call Anne 'a useless child' and did not approve of any of her ideas, thoughts, behaviour, attitude etc. and was continuously finding flaws in Anne. Anne therefore was never wiling to say her prayers with her mother or follow the rules her mother told her. There was not a strong or good/healthy relationship between Mrs. Frank and Anne Frank.

What is the last thing Anne Frank wrote in her diary?

The last entry in Anne Frank's diary was an entry to Kitty, describing how she felt split in two, between the "lighthearted" Anne and the "deeper" Anne. The last line describes how she wishes she could be, if only there were no other people in the world to judge her. It was three days after that entry that Anne Frank was discovered and imprisoned in Auschwitz.

Did Anne Frank do anything wrong?

Anne was like mostadolescents. She felt that her parents didn't understand her. She was at times quarrelsome disobeying their wishes and ignoring rules and boundaries. Anne was a hard headed teenager who was fiercely independent The appeal of Anne Frank is how normal she truly was. The realization the Holocaust killed real people, children, and families.

Who's Anne Frank and why is she famous?

Anne frank was famous because of her dairies she write during the time of WW2 the family died during that time and when the police came and read her diary the felt sorry for her. They changed her diary into a book and sold it for money and the people loved how she felt about ww2 that time ,that's how she became famous.

How did Anne Frank's feel when she was kissing with Peter?

She felt happy and liked their relationship but at the same time sad because they were going to concentration camps

Where did the Germans house soldiers or the Jewish people the Germans captured?

The people captured by the Nazis were sent to concentration camps. If they did not send you to a concentration camp they would send you to a labour camp. Often they were sent to a 'transit camp' first, till there were enough people for a train-load to a concentration camp. You see in the camps you were not allowed to talk about how wrong the Nazis were because, they felt that after getting rid of them they would finally have a perfect world. But what does perfect actually mean? Figure that out.

Why does Anne get upset with her mother in the story the Diary of Anne Frank?

Because they were very stressed in hiding and she felt her mother thought the Anne was not sensible and childish. You can find out more by reading her diary. She aslo seemed to prefer her Father. Also, she felt that her mother didnt understand her, care about her or love her. She felt that her mother thought that she wasnt a good daughter and that she didn't want to give her freedom.

How did anne frank feel after she was in hiding for a while?

she felt sad because she could not go out side and hang out with her friends or go anywhere outside

How did Anne Frank feel when she lives in the attic?

She felt normal. It was just like a normal bedroom. She had all her belongings in their,But she did have to share the room with someone.

When the diary of anne frank was turned in stage play why did otto frank refuse an invitation to attend the performance?

Maybe because he felt a bit ashamed of how he and his family treated Anne He probably would breakdown at the sight of his family and did not want not want to see his whole life in scenes and not to be reminded of the pain and feelings of his daughter Anne?

Did Peter survive the concentration camps with Otto Frank?

Peter was told he would have to leave Auschwitz with other prisoners on a march to another camp. Otto, staying behind in Auschwitz because he was in sick bay, begged Peter to stay in Auschwitz, hiding, as he thought it would improve Peter's chances. Peter felt he had a better chance going on the forced march. He did go on the march, and arrived at Matthausen concentration camp, where he died just a few days before it was liberated.

Did Anne Frank kiss a girl?

Based on her diary, yes, she did. She was spending the night at one of her "girl friend's" houses and felt an immense urge to kiss her, and did so.

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