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Anne Frank was of course not famous during the war, it was only afterwards (and after her death) that she is considered to have helped.

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What war did Anne Frank live?

Anne Frank was alive during World War 2 but, she sadly didn't survive it.

Is Anne Frank Huis a moving war poem?

No Huis is house in Dutch! The Anne Frank huis is the house she was hidng in during the war.

How was Anne Frank affected by World War 2?

Anne Frank was a Jew living in German occupied Holland during WWII. The ramifications of that should be obvious to everyone. Anne Frank died during the war as a result of disease in a concentration camp.

What kind of feelings did Anne Frank write about?

Anne Frank wrote about her fellings of war, family, and boys.... She wrote during the war. -- Smart Dart

What war was Anne Frank in?

Anne Frank was in world war 2

How was Anne Frank different?

anne frank was a Jewish girl , who had to go hiding during the second world war to escape the Nazis

What was Anne Franks accomplishments?

Anne frank kept her diary during world war two

Was Anne Sullivan's nickname Anne Frank?

No, Anne Sullivan's last name isn't Anne Frank. Her nickname is Annie. Her real name is actually Johanna. Anne Frank is a different person. Anne Sullivan is a woman who was blind herself who was sent to help Helen Keller. And Anne Frank is a woman who died of young age.. maybe during a war or something. They are two different people.

How did Anne Frank change during World War Two?

Anne change from a young girl to young women during World War two.

How is Anne Frank important in world war 2?

Anne Frank quickly became identified as an important cultural figure who represented the destruction of youth during the war.

Did Anne Frank took place during the years of World War 1 in Amsterdam Holland?

Anne Frank is a true story about a several Jewish families hiding in Holland, Amsterdam during World War 2. The book "Anne Frank" is the diary she kept while in hiding.

What was Anne Frank best known for?

I think Anne Frank was best known for living during the Holocaust and keeping a diary which held all of her feelings about living during the war.

What yaer did Anne Frank die in?

Anne Frank died in 1945, during a typhus epidemic shortly before the end of the war in Bergen-Belsen.

Whho is Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who kept a diary during the second world war in Europe, who died in a concentration camp.

Was Anne Frank in world war 1 or 2?

Anne Frank was in World War 2.

Did Anne Frank write a diary during World War 2?

Yes. It wasn't published until after the war, however. It was (and still is) marketed as 'Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl.'

Was anne frank in world war 1 or world war 2?

Anne Frank was in World War Two.

What did Anne Frank plan to do after World War?

Anne Frank planned to grow up as a journalist and publish a book called the "Secret Annexe" with the help of her diary.

What happened to Anne Frank during the war?

Anne Frank and her family tried to hide from the Nazis who wanted to kill them, but they were eventually caught and taken to a death camp where she died.

What did Anne Frank live on top of?

Anne Frank lived in the back room on top of an old factory in Amsterdam for 2 years during the 2nd world war.

What war was otto frank in?

Otto Frank was Anne Frank's father. They hid from the Nazi's during World War 2. A book by the name of "Anne Frank's Diary" is very famous and it is also a movie.

What was the full name of Anne Frank?

Annelies Marie Frank, called Anne Frank Otto Frank was the father of Anne Frank - he survived the war, his wife and children did not.

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