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How did Athena help Perseus kill the monster Medusa?


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She showed him pictures of Medusa and her sisters

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Athena gave Perseus a polished shield, and Hermes gave Perseus a sword to attack Medusa with.

he had help from Hermes and Athena to guide him to the underworld

Medusa is one of the Three Gorgon sisters. She dated Poseidon, who has a fancy for sea monsters. Athena caught Medusa & Poseidon in her temple, the Parthanon. So she cast a spell on Medusa turning her into an ugly hag with snakes as hair. When Perseus went to hunt down Medusa Athena was happy to help. Athena also wanted Medusa's head on her shield.

Athena hated Medusa because in ancient times the raped were the punished not the rapist. Medusa was beautiful beyond means and Posiedon noticed this. When Medusa saw Posiedon she ran for the temple to pray. This did not stop Posiedon. He took her on the cold ground. Athena did not like this so she turned Medusa hideous. Later on when Perseus was about to battle Medusa, Athena figured she would help. She gave Perseus, Hermes' winged sandals, Hades' invisibility helmet and her own shield.

They helped and guided Perseus in his adventures.(also gave him many gifts from the Gods to help in his battle w Medusa)

There was no purpose for either Medusa or Perseus. Medusa was the only mortal Gordon (dreadful female creatures) whose eyes turned people to stone. That is all there was to her. She probably liked to just mind her own business. Perseus was sent to kill her and fetch her head by a king. The king wanted to get rid of him and thought he would be killed by Medusa. Perseus managed to kill her thanks to the help of the gods Zeus, Hermes and Athena.

Medusa was a dangerous monster, her gaze turned everything to stone. King Polydectes wanted Perseus out of the way so he could try and seduce Perseus' mother Danaë. So Polydectes sent Perseus on this dangerous mission, but with the help of Hermes and thena he went through with it. He cut off her head!

She used to be pretty until she and Poseidon fooled around in Athena's temple. Athena would also help Perseus later slay her.

Madusa wasn't a god posidon tried to rape her and she went to the temple of Athena for help but athena felt disgraced and turned her to a monster

While on his quest for the Gorgons & Medusa in N. Africa, Athena came to him and gave him advice. He should only approach them at night when they are sleeping, even though he wore the 'cap of invisibility' given to him by the nymphs.

The gods Hermes, Athena and Hades helped Perseus when heneeded help to find the Gormans (his quest was to bring Medusa's head to Polydects). They gave him equipment to help fight Medusa and told where she was. The equipment he was given was a adamantine curved sword from Hermes, a highly-polished bronze shield from Athena and a helmet of invisibility from Hades.

Athens did not kill Medusa, Athens is a city in Greece. Medusa was killed by the hero 'Perseus' with the help of Athena and his brother Hermes. He killed Medusa by using a shield to see her reflection. This was because staring at Medusa would lead to being paralyzed in stone. He cut her head off and proceeded to use her as a weapon.

Athena was not a hero, Athena was a goddess. Athena did help heroes such as Heracles, Jason, Odysseus, Perseus, Theseus and others in their endeavors.

Perseus unchained Andromeda from her rock, and slayed the terrible sea monster.

Medusa was once a beautiful woman, worshiping the goddess Athena. Then a God, named Poseidon, noticed her beauty and raped her. When Medusa begged Athena for help, Athena instead punished Medusa because in her mind it should be Medusa who should be punished (Athena was jealous of Medusa, and apparently to the Gods its perfectly okay to allow an innocent woman to be raped and then punished for being the victim)

Athena told Perseus to find the Hesperides, who gave him the bag to hold Medusa's severed head. She also gave him a polished shield, which he used to look at Medusa's reflection in and decapitate her.

a polished sheild to look at medusas reflection

gave him flying shoes, an invisible helmet and a sword.

No. Athena and Medusa hated each other. Poseidon and Medusa (when she was human) dated and Poseidon took Medusa on a date in Athena's temple which showed serious disrespect to Athena. Since Poseidon was Athena's uncle and he was more powerful than her she couldn't do anything to him accept hold a grudge so she cursed Medusa with such bad looks that whenever someone looked her in the eyes (except gods) they would turn to stone. Then, when Medusa's sisters tried to help her Athena turned them into Gorgons as well.

Athena Goddess of Intelligent War turned Medusa into a gorgon because she was a nymph that was having an affair with Poseidon God of the Sea. You see Medusa and Poseidon decided to meet inside Athena's temple. They had sex and Athena got angry and since Medusa had her sisters help her gain entrance to the temple Athena transformed them as well, but only Medusa was given immortality so she had to watch her sisters grow old and die.

because Polydictus, an evil king, wanted to marry Perseus' mother, Danae. he knew Perseus would never allow it though so he told Perseus he would only be happy if he went and killed Medusa. He knew he would be killed on the way. But with the help of a god, goddess, and nymphs, he was successful. he came back and the head turned Polydictus and his court into stone.

While nobody was there to help in the physical slaying of Medusa, Perseus gained a great deal of tools to help him do so. Hermes gave him winged sandals that Athena made because she hated Medusa, and a sickle given to him by Hermes. Athena also gave him a shield and Hades allowed him to borrow his Helmet of Invisibility. He gained the location of Medusa from the Hyperboreans only because he promised to destroy their only eye between them if they didn't. The Helmet of Invisibility was used to sneak up on Medusa, the shield was used as a reflection device so that he did not directly look at her (and thus turn to stone), the sandals were used to reach the island, and the sickle was used to decapacitate her. In a different version, Hermes came and gave him the Athena made flying sandals, he gained the location of the Nymphs who knew the location of Medusa by the Hyperboreans, and he was told how to defeat Medusa by these Nymphs (called the Gray Ones). The Gray Ones promised to help him only if he came back and slept with them afterwords. They were also the ones who gave him the polished bronze shield, the sickle-shaped sword (as opposed to the sickle in the other version), and a Cap of Darkness (this version's Helmet of Invisibility). The way he defeats Medusa in this version is the same though.

Medusa's head was a gift for a King. I don't remember some of names of the people but what happened was there was this king and he loved Perseus' mom. the mother did not want to marry this king. the king could not force her because the Perseus was the city's greatest warrior. the king tricks the Perseus saying he will marry someone else. so the Perseus goes to what i guess is the engagement party. Perseus is poor so he has no gift. the king embarrasses him saying how he shows up empty handed. Perseus' temper gets the better of him and he says he will get him the greatest present.. anything he wanted. The king asks for the head of Medusa. Now that is impossible for anyone to get so the king thought he sent Perseus to his death, leaving the mother unprotected and all to him. Well with help from the gods Perseus returns with the head of Medusa.

Perseus did not represent anything. He was one of various heroic legendary figures of Greek mythology. His name and the name of other character in the legend was used to name some constellations (Cassiopeia, Andromeda and Pegasus). Perseus was sent by the king of the island of Serifos to kill and bring the head of Medusa, the only mortal Gorgon (dreadful female creatures). Medusa's eyes turned people into stone. The king sent Perseus on this mission to get rid of Perseus. However, with the help of the gods Zeus, Hermes and Athena, he managed to kill Medusa. Perseus travelled to Mauritania and then to Aethiopia. Perseus rescued Andromeda, the daughter of king and Queen Cassiopeia from a Cetus, a sea serpent who destroyed man and beast. To accomplish this he used winged sandals which Hermes had given him. In Renaissance version of the legend Perseus, instead, flew riding Pegasus, a winged horse .Perseus then married Andromeda. Perseus was the first legendary hero who defeated monsters. He was also the legendary founder of the Greek city of Mycenae.

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