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Australia's involvement during the war, along with it's impact's, mirrored the US's experiences; but on a smaller scale, due to the population SIZE differences.

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Q: How did Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War impact on relations with Asia?
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The impact of involvement in the Vietnam war on the soldiers who served in it?

They just did their duty, and discharged; being as how they had no say in the matter.

What was the impact of the Vietnamization on the United States?

Vietnamization drastically cut America's involvement in Vietnam and allowed for thousands of U.S. troops to come home.

What is an example of geopolitics?

Geopolitics is the investigation of the impact of human and physical geography on international politics and relations. The most popular example of geopolitics is the Vietnam war.

What was the impact of counter culture on the Vietnam war?

what was the impact of counter culture on the vietnam war?

What is the impact of Buddhism in Vietnam?

The majority of Vietnam (85%) are Buddhist.

How did the Vietnam war impact australians?

* * *

What image suggest the American public's sentiment toward involvement in Vietnam?

A picture showing a South Vietnamese officer executing a prisoner of war had a very deep impact on the American public. For the first time, Americans began to question whether or not the country's involvement in the war was for good or evil purposes. Vietnam had the distinction of being the first war where television and photography brought the war into the public's living rooms.

What impact did media have on the Vietnam war?

The media ended up having a tremendous effect on the Vietnam War. This was the first war in history that people were able to follow on television. The stories on the nightly news fueled resistance to the draft and the war as a whole, leading to large protests to end US involvement.

How did Lyndon Johnson make an impact on the Vietnam War?

When Lyndon Johnson became President following the death of John F. Kennedy, the US involvement in Vietnam was quite small. Kennedy had sent over some military advisers, but Americans were doing very little fighting in Vietnam. Johnson gradually increased the US military presence in Vietnam, which was described as the escalation of the war. Escalation was a continual process, with more and more American soldiers being sent to Vietnam. By the time Johnson left office, American involvement was quite large. It was to become even larger under the next President, Richard Nixon.

What was the impact of student unrest on the Vietnam War?

descrive the connection of the student unrest and the Vietnam war?

What impact did Vietnam have from the cold war?

The Vietnam War was a type of proxy war. Although it was essentially North Vietnam vs. South Vietnam, the North was heavily subsidized by the U.S.S.R. and China. The South was supported by the United States and their allies. So while the cold war was mostly a stand-off without violence between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, the communist countries banded together to help North Vietnam fight U.S. military without any major "direct" involvement.

What was the impact of the counter culture of the 1960s on the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War impacted the culture in the US. Defiance!

What impact did the tet offensive have on the Vietnam war?

The Tet Offensive had a significant impact on the Vietnam War, as it resulted in a steep decline in support for the war among the American public. The US and South Vietnam actually won a tactical victory, however, it was a political victory for North Vietnam.

How did womens involvement in world war II impact their life?

It made them more independent.

How did Vietnam war impact Cambodia?

Being so close to Vietnam, Cambodia was able to receive the "over-flow" from it.

How did the Tonkin Gulf incident impact the war in Vietnam?

Started open warfare between North Vietnam and the US.

What Impact did Vietnam War have?

A reluctance to enter future conflicts

How did the Vietnam war impact the soldiers?

Well, a lot of them died.

How did the Vietnam War impact the Australian Government?

With protests and riots.

What was Vietnam's impact on the 1950s?

America's military involvement in Vietnam can be traced back to the Eisenhower years, 1950's. To Americans the conflict as well as the country seemed small and far away. Our goal through 3 successive Presidents was preserve South Vietnam against the Communist North, while limiting American casualties. But the war quickly escalated.

How did the Vietnam war have an impact on US citizens?

Since US citizens were drafted to fight the war; it had a negative impact.

How did the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution impact the Vietnam War?

It gave the president the right to deploy American forces into Vietnam for combat.

What was the impact of the Christmas bombings in Vietnam?

The North returned to the negotiation table.

What was the impact of the Vietnam War on US Economy?

Part of the defense budget.

What economic impact did the war of Vietnam have on the US?

Larger defense budget.