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How Did Australia's relationship with England and the USA change during World War II?

At the beginning of World War 2 Australia's links with Britain were close but this wasn't the case at the end of the war, Australia had looked towards America for its own safety as Britain had proven that they weren't powerful as they use to be, the fall of Singapore being an example that effected Australia's links with Britain as they surrounded without even trying to fight back.

John Curtin made a new years speech about Australia looking towards America as he believed that Britain wouldn't be able to defend Australia if they were under attack so he decided to make Australia's links with America stronger. Curtin had arguments with Churchill the Prime minister of Britain about bringing Australia's troops back form the Middle East as Churchill moved them there without even asking Curtin. Churchill apologised and sent the troops back to Australia's mainland to defend as what Curtin wanted, this weakening the links between Australia and Britain more.

With America by our sides Australian fought the Pacific War together, after the war America, New Zealand and Australia singed a mutual defence agreement.

Can I just add, that the relationship was not between England and such forth, it was between Britain. The Scot's and the Irish had a great deal to play in the British empire - Going as far as Glasgow being known as the "Second City of the Empire". Also, the founding of Britain was due to the Scottish king inheriting the English throne.

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Q: How did Australia's relationship with both England and America change during World War 2 and why?
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