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How did Australian soldiers get to World War 2?

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by ship, most serving in the pacific islands.

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How many Australian soldiers died in World War 2?

39.800 Australian Soldiers were killed during WW2.

Did Australian soldiers get leave during World War 2?

Yes, but not always back in Australia.

How many Australian soldiers were sent to world war 2?

Around 20,000 thousand Western Australian Soldiers were sent to war in Greece to aid Australia's greatest ally during that time, Britain.

How many Australian soldiers fought in World War 2?

Try this web site: http://www.ww2australia.gov.au/

Who started the Anzac war?

There was no "Anzac War" - the Anzacs were Australian and New Zealand soldiers who helped the British in World War 1 and 2 .

Was anzac part of World War 2?

Nothey were not, ANZAC refers to the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought together in the 1st world war.

How many Australian soldiers became prisoners of war during World War 2?

26,358 Australian soldiers, of all branches(RAN, RAAF, Army) became POWs during World War II. This number includes both the Pacific war against Japan and the war in Europe, against Germany.

What places in the world did Australian soldiers fight in World War 2?

Australia in world war 2Australian soldiers generally fought in the pacific campaigns but they also had involvement in the African campaign in Egypt and Libya as well as the Italian campaign but by for the pacific campaign was were most Australian soldiers were fighting a lot of the time they fought alongside British and other commonwealth forces. the New Zealand soldiers fought with the Australians often to form ANZAC.

What were the hardships of Australian soldiers in World War 2?

Poor food, rough conditions and terrains, bad weather and fear were the hardships of Australian soldiers in ww2, although the cold weather probably stood out the most for our soldiers.

How and what were Australian soldiers paid in World War 2?

5 shillings a day and 1 shilling and sixpence a day danger money in Australian currency

How did world war 2 affect civilians and soldiers?

how did world war 2 affect the civilians and the soldiers

What happenned to most Australian soldiers in World War 2?

They fought in campaigns in the Middle East and South East Asia.

What did soldiers in World War 2 use to eat?

See the question: What did the soldiers in World War 2 eat?

Australian views of the Japanese soldiers during world war 2?

The Australian soldiers considered them to be extremely formidable soldiers until they realized with the allies they could be defeated. The Australian prisoners thought they were evil, cruel and monstrous people with the atrocities, cruelties and horrible care they gave to them and the American and the Brits. They were helpful in the War Crimes Trials to get the Japanese convicted.

How many Italian American soldiers fought in World War 2?

How many US soldiers served in World War 2?

How many soldiers are missing from World War 2?

Approximately 74,000 American soldiers from World War 2 are still unaccounted for.

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