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The Huey Tlatcani was chosen by the four "head's" of the city council, hereditary had something to do with it.


The historians ain't really sure how the Huey Tlatcani was elected, what they know is that he was elected by the four "heads" of the council. These was in turn elected by the council itself, most of the historians agree that hereditary has something with the elections of the emperor. What they don't know is how important this was.

They could obtain it by their uncle father, mother- i dont think their was ever a girl emperor, brothers,sister nephews that died.

Or they had to do something really big in order to deserve that rank- death_Notes

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Q: How did Aztec rulers get to become king?
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What were the Aztec rulers called?

The Aztec rulers were known as the Mexica

How many records of Aztec rulers are there?

there are records of 11 Aztec rulers. All I know of are Moctezuma Ahuitzotyol Moctezuma II

Who was the Aztec ruler?

there were tons of Aztec rulers so you can't really tell but i can give you a suggestion of where you should go to find out, you should go to Google and type Ancient Aztec Rulers. and you can find so many rulers and all that junk.

What did the Aztec rulers do?

The Aztec ruler had great structures built, similar to the Egyptian rulers. They also made laws and headed the military of the civilization.

Where is Aztec rulers tomb?

Technitilan was a tomb.

What was the rulers of Aztec life like?


Who were some Aztec rulers?

Montezuma I and montezuma II

Who are all the Aztec rulers?

What were the Aztec commoners jobs for the rulers?

They farmed, were priest and doctors.

How did the Aztec Empire grow and become more powerful?

how did aztec empire grow and become powerful

How did Mesopotamia's rulers become powerfull?

How did mesopotamia's rulers become powerful please tell me

How did Kings become rulers of Sumer?

They bribed priests and the priests told everyone the king is a decendant of the gods! tadaa

How did rulers become rulers in Greece?

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Who are the Aztec rulers?

The most famous Aztec ruler was Moctezuma II, who became the Aztec ruler in 1502. He succeeded the previous ruler, Ahuitzoti. The ruler who established the Aztec empire was Itzcoati. He had conquered other native Tribes in Mexico.

The Aztec rulers of Mexico fought against the forces of which Spanish warrior?

Hernan Cortes

The Aztec rulers of Mexico fought against the forces of which Spain warrior?

The answer is Hernan Cortes.

What were the names of all the Aztec cities?

There was only one Aztec city, the rest of the cities from the empire kept their rulers so therefore, they weren't Aztec cities, they only were under their influence and had to pay tribute.

Who are some significant people in Aztec culture?

Aztec king - Montezuma - defeated by Cortez.

Who was the Aztec King?

I am fair sure that the Aztec King/Leader was Montezuma. May also be spet Mochtezuma, as being different to many cultures.

What was the name of the king of the Aztec empire that the Spanish explorers discovered?

The name of the king of the Aztec empire that the Spanish explorers discovered is Christopher Columbus.

What title did the babylon rulers have?


Who was the Aztec king of the gods?

Hunab Ku

Who was the first Aztec king?

Eric Sutherland

What did the Aztec king think that Cortes was?


What is the Aztec rulers name that helped conquered hernan Cortes?

That's easy. They never conquered him. He conquered them.