The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

How did Bilbo find out about the note left for him by the dwarves?


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Gandalf told him about it.

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While he was preparing himself a second breakfast, Gandalf came him and told him to check the mantelpiece. The note from the dwarves was there.

The dwarves left a note for Bilbo under the mantle clock. It stated that they would be awaiting him at 11 am sharp. Bilbo didn't get the note until 10 minutes before that and ran the whole way to be on time.

Gandalf knew that Bilbo had a habit of cleaning the mantelpiece, an so he left the note there (written on Bilbo's notepaper). However, due to staying up so late the previous night, and the amount of dishes to wash, Bilbo forgot to.

He was so busy cleaning up after the party and breakfast that he never got around to his normal dusting.Bilbo had been too busy cleaning up. The dwarves had made their own breakfast and left all the dirty dishes. If he had followed his normal routine, he would have dusted the mantle much earlier in the morning.

The dwarves barged into Bag End as if they were invited (they WERE invited, but NOT by Bilbo); they were loud and drank and ate Bilbo's provisions at will and were rather messy. When Bilbo woke up next morning the sink was full, the kitchen was a mess, and to top it off, the Dwarves wrote a note to Bilbo on his own stationery.

It clearly shows that they are serious about the adventure and that it would be dangerous. They agreed to give Bilbo one 14th of the haul and to cover any funeral expenses if needed.

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The terms were laid out in the letter left for Bilbo under the clock on the mantle piece: * Cash on delivery, up to and not exceeding one fourteenth of total profits (if any); * All traveling expenses are guaranteed in any event; * Funeral expenses to be defrayed by us or our representatives.

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The Battle of the Five Armies. Nope, the "thunder-battle" is a great thunderstorm in the Misty Mountains while the Dwarves and Bilbo try to cross the pass. (Note: In the first edition the "thunder" is literally the crashing of great boulders against the mountains as Giants fight. This is edited out as "too childish" and incompatible with the "Rings" plot in all later editions, but the "thunder-battle" is left in - just without Giants involved.)

There is a restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia called Bilbo Baggins. It is a sit-down restaurant and bar. Personal note: I recommend their white sauce pasta, though my friend prefers their pizza.

He goes back to living like all the other normal hobbits, in his little hobbit hole at Bag End, Hobbiton. Many of the Shire-folk considered him strange (a bit fanatical, maybe). Hardly any of them had been in his hobbit-hole, he had many odd guests come calling on him (dwarves, wizards and the like) and it was even said that the tunnels of his hole were filled with wild treasure (which is of course, untrue). Nevertheless, Bilbo was a perfectly happy, peaceful-living hobbit. NOTE: Bilbo has been presumed deceased, and his possessions are being auctioned off when he returns.

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Paddington was the literary bear left with a note at Paddington Station.

At the end of the "the Hobbit" Bilbo leaves a note with the ring attached to it, saying that he plans to go traveling. At the beginning of "fellowship of the ring" Gandalf tells frodo to take the ring to Mordor and destroy it in the fires of the volcano. Bilbo does have a few minor parts in the later books but he is an old hobbit.

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Under Bilbo Baggins' mantlepiece clock was the note from Thorin and the dwarves thanking Bilbo for his hospitality the night before, and explaining the terms on which he was to join their party. The contents of the note are as follows:"Thorin and Company to Burglar Bilbo greeting! For your hospitality our sincerest thanks, and for your offer of professional assistance our grateful acceptance. Terms: cash on delivery, up to and not exceeding one-fourteenth of total profits (if any); all traveling expenses guaranteed in any event; funeral expenses to be defrayed by us or our representatives, if occasion arises and the matter is not otherwise arranged for.Thinking it unnecessary to disturb your esteemed repose, we have proceeded in advance to make requisite preparations, and shall expect your respected person at the Green Dragon Inn, Bywater, at 11 a.m. sharp. Trusting that you will be punctual,"We have the honor to remain"Yours deeply"Thorin & Co."

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Bilbo is the Hobbit from the book The Hobbit. His nephew is the main protagonist in the series of books The Lord of The Rings, named Frodo Baggins. NOTE: Bilbo is an only child, so he has no nephews. Frodo Baggins is Bilbo's first cousin, once removed.

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