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{| |- | He listened to the guards talking. He had already found the cells of the 12 other dwarves. When they talked of another dwarf being held in the dungeons, he guessed that it had to be Thorin. |}

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In Tolkien's "The Hobbit," after he had found the cells of the other twelve dwarfs, Bilbo overheard the guards talking about another dwarf, who he guessed must be Thorin. By using the ring, he was able to follow the guards, undetected and find the cells of each dwarf.

Because during the unexpected party, Thorin promised Bilbo 1/14th payment of the treasure in return for Bilbo's services as a 'thief'. Though Bilbo did not do much in the way of being a thief, he did save the dwarves from Thranduil, as well as help them gain entrance into the mountain. They also wanted him on the journey because it would have been unlucky to take on their journey with 13 members. At the end of their adventures, Bilbo had obviously earned his 1/14th share, so Thorin fulfilled his promise and sent Bilbo home with a chest of treasure (though it is hinted later on in LotR that Bilbo ended up receiving more).

Bilbo is the protagonist because that is how the author depicted it. Done from a different viewpoint, Gandalf or Thorin could easily have been made the hero of the story, though both have many heroic aspects to them, despite being part of the supporting class.

He is hoping that the desire for the Arkenstone would force Thorin to negotiate with the Men and Elves instead of fighting with them.Bilbo believes that if the men and elves have the Arkenstone, which Thorin values even more than gold, they may be able to convince the dwarves to bargain with them. If an agreement can be reached, it will spare a good deal of bloodshed.Also, Bilbo is getting quite tired of being trapped in the mountain, and wants to be somewhere with green grass underfoot and better meals.

yes he was he never led and when he did come up with a plan it was a weak one. Instead of standing up and doing his ancestors proud he left the dirty work to Bilbo yet Bilbo never truly gets recognized for being the one to fins smaug's soft spot, Bilbo is under appreciated for a while in the novel.

Since the Dwarves were separated, it took him some time to find them all. Then, he watched and waited, looking for an opportunity to gather all of them together and get them out without being noticed.

There are 20 floors. Then you automatically unlock Crevice Cave, where Scizor is being held captive.

Thorin Oakenshield is a dwarf. He normally wears a sky-blue hood and has a beard. He might have a resemblance to Gimli (Gimli being Gloin's son, and Gloin is the third cousin of Thorin)

In chaper two of the book The Hobbit, Bilbo gets a message from Thorin and Company telling him he can have 1/14 of total profits, and they will be waiting for him at 11:00 am sharp. so Bilbo goes off and starts his adventure and omplains that they get mutton all the time. Then the hobbit and all the dwarves are caught by trolls and Gandalf saves them from being eaten.

None, really. He stationed himself with the elves and put on the ring. He was knocked unconscious by a rock from above and missed most of the battle. when he woke he found thorin dying and the land tattered

He threatened to leave the Dwarves. Knowing that Gandalf was powerful and wise, Thorin realised what a dangerous journey it would be if Gandalf was not with them. Gandalf also reminded the Dwarves that they were thirteen, and unless they accepted Bilbo, they would remain that many. Being highly superstitious, the Dwarves shuddered at the thought of setting out for such a perilous journey with a number as evil as 13.

Gandalf only gives Thorin the key and the map (they go together) because they are rightfully his( being given to Gandalf by Thorin's relatives).

When? At the beginning, Gandalf the Grey chats to Bilbo saying he is looking for someone to go on an adventure. Bilbo, being timid at the start, is a little rude to Gandalf, but invites him to afternoon tea. Gandalf laughs and with his staff marks the front door "burglar for hire, etc". Later a knock on the door and after a while 13 dwarfs and Gandalf are in Bilbo's Bag End residence: Dwalin, Balin, Fili, Kili, Gloin, Oin, Ori, Nori, Dori, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, and Thorin Oakenshield. During the adventure Bilbo is separated numerous times from the dwarfs, and aids them in their escapades with his new found confidence and bravery and his magical ring.

There were a few different occasions that Bilbo saved the dwarfs. One of these times in when they were captured by trolls, and were being cooked. Bilbo convinced the trolls that the dwarfs were ridden with disease, and stalled for enough time that they could be rescued.

Odysseus was alive and being held captive

being held captive and sent to England

Bilbo gives his cousin Frodo the One Ring after being hard pressed to do so by Gandalf. In fact, Bilbo almost drew his sword on Gandalf.

In "The Hobbit," the Master is surprised and shocked for he didn't think they would have approached Smaug. He thinks Thorin is a fraud for being a descendant. He is actually relieved when Thorin and the dwarves depart. He says it was expensive to keep them, and their presence made it seem too much like a holiday for any work to be done.

Because he knew that all of Laketown was going to be anxious for Thorin and the Company to kill the dragon and then share the wealth with them. They gave him weapons and food and supplies to kill the smaug.

Captive Port - When most of a port's inbound cargoes are being shipped short distances and most of its export products come from nearby areas, the port is called a captive cargo port. (Contrast with a transit port.)

In The Hobbit Bilbo constantly dreams and thinks about being in his hobbit hole, most of times followed by a sentence along the lines of "and that wasn't the last time."In Book Six of The Lord of the Rings, Bilbo is very sleepy although it doesn't say what he is dreaming of.

Bilbo offered to take Bombur's turn keeping watch, and when Bombur was in bed, Bilbo slipped on his ring, thus becoming invisible, and quietly climbed down a rope that he tied.

They are small They are very good at being quiet