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Nobility can be inherited or earned. Georg Ludwig Trapp served in World War I as a U-boat commander. His exploits on the battle earned him his Austrian nobility. It also helped that he married a very rich heiress, Agatha Whitehead. Together they had 7 children before his wife died. It was in 1926 that he hired a tutor for one of his sick daughters, Maria Kutschera, whom he married in 1927 and had 3 more children. So, the movie isn't exactly true to the actual events as many years passed before they left Austria in 1938. Georg Ritter von Trapp lost most of his fortunes when the banks of Austria collapsed.

If his name is Georg Ritter von Trapp, then he is not a Baron, but a knight; i.e. the second lowest rank of nobility, which are Lower nobility:

von... nobel Ritter von.... Knight Freiherr von... Baron (Baron as a title does not exist in original German nomenclature, even the famous "Red Baron" was not a Baron, but a Freiherr) Higher nobility: Graf von... Count Herzog von... Duke Royal Houses Imperial Houses

Links: Lodge owned by von Trapp family in Colorado. Music of the von Trapp children: History:

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Q: How did Captain Von Trapp become a baron?
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What is the name of Georg Ludwig Von trapp in the sound of music?

Captain Baron Georg Von Trapp

Who played baron in the sound of music?

Georg von trapp Christopher Plummer played Captain Von Trapp in the 1965 Musical "Sound of Music"

The sound of music Characters?

The characters in Sound of Music are: Leisel Von trapp Frederick Von trapp Louisa Von trapp Briggita Von trapp Curt Von trapp Marta Vontrapp Gretel Von trapp Fraulein Maria The Captain

Why do the von trapp family leave austria?

so that captain von trapp doesn't have to join the war

Christopher Plumber in sound of music?

Baron Von Trapp

What is Captain Von Trapp's occupation in The Sound of Music?

Captain Georg Von Trapp is an Austrian Naval Captain.

Who is Justin von Trapp?

Justin von Trapp (born 1994) is a singer. He lives in Kallispell, Montana with his sisters Sofia, Melanie, and Amanda von Trapp. The four sang as the "von Trapp Children" in the mid-2000s. They are all related to the real Captain Von Trapp: they are his great-grandchildren, their father Stefan being the son of Werner von Trapp.

How did captain von trapp die?

Lung cancer.

Who is the dad of sound of music?

Captain George Von Trapp.

What sexes were maria von trapps children?

male Rupert von Trapp female Agathe von Trapp female Maria Franziska von Trapp male Werner Ritter von Trapp female Hedwig von Trapp female Johanna von Trapp female Martina von Trapp female Rosemarie von Trapp female Eleonore von Trapp male Johannes von Trapp

Who makes up the von trapp family?

The Von Trapp family (in the movie) consists of the widowed Captain Von Trapp and his children: Liesl, Louisa, Friedrich, Kurt, Brigitta,Marta and Gretl. Of course, they are later joined by Maria.

Who falls in love with maria in the sound of music?

Captain von Trapp

Who played Captain Von Trapp in the film the sound of music?

Christopher Plummer

Is Gretl a girl in the movie The Sound of the Music?

Gretl von Trapp is the youngest of the 7 children of Baron von Trapp. In the 1965 musical film, she was played by actress Kym Karath, age 6.

The story line of sound of music?

The Sound of Music is about the Von Trapp family during WWII. Maria, a novice, is sent to take care of the seven Von Trapp children. While staying with the family, Maria and Captain Von Trapp fall in love.

When did captain von trap die from the sound of music?

Captain Von Trapp from the Sound of Music died in Vermont after being afflicted with lung cancer.

What actors and actresses appeared in Die Trapp-Familie - 1956?

The cast of Die Trapp-Familie - 1956 includes: Michael Ande as Werner von Trapp Peter Capell as Ellis Island Officer Friedrich Domin as Gruber, Bankier Karl Ehmann as Diener Monika Ettrich as Martina von Trapp Ursula Ettrich as Rosemarie von Trapp Maria Holst as Prinzessin Yvonne Hans Holt as Baron von Trapp Liesl Karlstadt as Raphaela Ruth Leuwerik as Baronin Maria von Trapp Knut Mahlke as Rupert von Trapp Josef Meinrad as Dr. Wasner Joseph Offenbach as Samish Hans Schumm as Petroff Hilde von Stolz as Baroness Mathilde Angelika Werth as Hedwig von Trapp Monika Wolf as Maria von Trapp Ursula Wolff as Agathe von Trapp

What are Von Trapp children's names in order?

Rupert von Trapp: November 1, 1911 Agathe von Trapp: March 12, 1913 Maria Franziska von Trapp: August 28, 1914 Werner Ritter von Trapp: December 21, 1915 Hedwig von Trapp: July 28, 1917 Johanna von Trapp: September 7, 1919 Martina von Trapp: February 17, 1921 Rosemarie von Trapp: February 8, 1929 Eleonore von Trapp: May 14, 1931 Johannes von Trapp: January 17, 1939

Who starred in the film 'the sound of music'?

Maria von Trapp-Julie AndrewsCaptain Georg von Trapp-Christopher PlummerMax Detweiler-Richard HaydnBaroness Elsa Schraeder-Eleanor ParkerLiesl von Trapp-Charmian CarrFriedrich von Trapp-Nicholas HammondLouisa von Trapp-Heather MenziesKurt von Trapp-Duane ChaseBrigitta von Trapp-Angela CartwrightMarta von Trapp-Debbie TurnerGretl von Trapp-Kym KarathMother Abbess-Peggy WoodSister Margaretta-Anna LeeSister Berthe-Portia NelsonRolf-Daniel TruhitteHans Zeller, Gauleiter-Ben Wright

What actors played the seven children in the sound of music?

Charmian Carr as Liesl von Trapp , Nicholas Hammond as Friedrich von Trapp , Heather Menzies as Louisa von Trapp , Duane Chase as Kurt von Trapp , Angela Cartwright as Brigitta von Trapp , Debbie Turner as Marta von Trapp and Kym Karath as Gretl von Trapp .

Name of captain in sound of music?

Georg (pronounced Gay-org) von Trapp.

How many children did capt von trapp have?

Capt. Von Trapp had seven children. Watch the sound of music it tell the whole story. After the time frame of the movie, Captain Von Trapp married the governess and had 3 more children making a total of 10 children.

Which von Trapp child played guitar?

liesl von trapp :]

What was the father's name in the Von Trapp family?

georg von trapp

What was the age of captain Von Trapp in the sound of music?

A cyrrently casting production of The Sound Of Music lists the actors' age range for the role of Captain Georg von Trapp as 40-55. However, Christopher Plummer was 36 when he played the role in 1965.

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