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The USA's second-most theatrical city (next to NYC)

The USA's second-most theatrical city (next to NYC)

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Q: How did Chicago get the name second city?
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What US city holds the name Second City?

Chicago, Illinois is known as the Second City.

What US city holds the nick-name second city?


What city is known as the second city?

Chicago, IL

Chicago has been referred as the windy city and second city?

The following are the major nicknames of Chicago:"The Windy City" - Its really not that windy. May have referred to the longwindedness of politicians, but there are other theories."Second City" - Possibly because of the city's rebirth after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. There are other possibilities for this name also.

What is Chicago's nickname?

Chicago's nicknames include: * The Windy City * Second City * Chitown * City by the Lake

What are the release dates for Second City This Week - 2011 Second City of the Angels Chicago 1-51?

Second City This Week - 2011 Second City of the Angels Chicago 1-51 was released on: USA: 13 January 2012

What is the second largest city in the country US?

The second one is Chicago.

What US city is nick-named the second city?

Chicago, Illinois.

Why is Chicago the Second City?

Prior to Los Angeles becoming the second most populated city in the United States, Chicago was the second most populated behind New York City. After loosing the title as the second most populated city in the United States, a reporter for the New Yorker Magazine, A.J. Liebling, commented about how Chicago had many neighborhoods that were segregated by class, ethnic origin, or creed. This showed neighborhoods were in fact their own cities within the City of Chicago. Liebling stated that Chicago was the "second hand city" to these neighborhoods, to which Chicagoins then changed the term to be the second city.

Is chicago name of a country?

No, Chicago is a city in Illinois in the US.

What is the name of the windy city?


Who is the woman impersonating in the 'you want some fries with that shake' sonic commercial?

Her name is Katie Rich - she is an actress in Chicago at the Second City. The woman next to her is Sayjal Joshi, also an actress at Second City in Chicago. This is their second Sonic commercial together and they just finished filming another one.

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