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Many Chinese citizens actually blamed the government for the problems that they faced. They reacted by starting riots and opposing the govt. Also they cut trades back.


Yes, many Chinese citizens did blame the government due to its weak power for not being able to protect its people. The Chinese did not appreciate Western culture as they found that their beliefs and religions contradicted with theirs. For example, nobody believed in Christianity until the Westerners brought it to the Oriental East. Missionaries would bribe Chinese people and trick them into coming to church and ultimately converting them. There were rumors about this like the church would gore out children's hearts and eat them. Of course such rumors were not true, this added the hatred and fear that the Chinese people felt towards the Westerners. In their fury, the Chinese indeed did cause riots and rebellions against Westerners and the government. All this chaos led to the notorious Boxer Rebellion, where peasants and many other common Chinese people, who practiced kung-fu and the westerners called it boxing (thus the name boxer), marched to the Forbidden City and storm the palace. The rebellion was disorganized, not professional, and rather weak. They succeeded in storming the palace and held it captive for so many days (need to check that). Eventually, the "Eight-Nation alliance" was called in to help (this included, Japan, Russia, UK, France, US, Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary) and to subside the chaos. The Boxers were under siege for 55 days but were acutally very easy to defeat due to their lack of knowledge in military tactics, weaponry, and basically skill. The boxers were composed of bandits and pirates that only knew kung-fu and belived that kung-fu would protect them from bullets and whatnot.

So all in all, the Chinese reacted rather bitterly towards Western Imperialism.

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Q: How did China react to Western imperialism?
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