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How did Christianity originate?

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From the birth, teachings, and death of Jesus Christ. >It may surprise many people but Christianity originated not in the middle east but in what is now modern day Turkey.<

Please provide a link to proof for this statement. According to The Bible itself, this originated in Jerusalem, Galilee, Damascus, the surrounding areas of the Dead Sea- All in modern day Israel. What you are saying here is a borderline anti-christian statement, and I don't think we want to offend anybody.

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From whom did Christianity originate?

Christianity started with Jesus Christ.

When did Christianity originate?

Christianity originated in the early 300 B.C

Where did Christianity first originate?


What or where did Christianity originate from?

The Jewish religion

Who did the greek myth originate from?


Which religion is did not originate in India?

Islam did not originate in India. Christianity did not. Judaism did not. Baha'i did not. Zoroastrianism did not.

What is the orgins of Christianity?

Read the Book of Acts in the Bible. This is where Christianity began. See also question "Why did Christianity originate"

Where did it originate Christianity?

Israel. The home of Jesus Christ

Where did Christmas originate in Christianity?

It originated when Jesus was born

Not from a Christian point of view how or where did Christianity originate from?

Disneyland Disneyland

Where did Judaism Christianity and Islam all originate?

southwest Asia

What religion did not originate in India Hinduism Buddhuism Sikhism Zoroastrianism?


How did Christianity originate in the Roman empire?

You can get a complete answer in the Book Of Romans in the Bible.

What religion did the assembly of god church originate from?

Answer All divisions from one Christianity

Where did chistianity originate?

Christianity originated in Israel where Jesus of Nazareth lived and preached.

Where did Christianity originate from was it Africa or western world?

From Jerusalem, Israel in the Middle East.

Is Christianity same as taoism?

No, they are no where near the same. Christians follow Jesus and did not originate in China.

How long ago did Judaism Christianity and Islam originate?

Judaism came before Christianity and Islam. Christianity and Islam came from Judaism.Judaism is about 1300 BCE.Christianity was founded in 33 CE.Islam was founded in 622 CE.

What part of the world did Judaism Christianity Islam Buddhism originate?

All from Asia. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism came from the middle east and Buddhism came from Nepal.

How has Catholicism influenced other religion?

All forms of Christianity originate from the Roman Catholic Church.

Where does the word Christianity originate from?

from the Greek word X&rho;&iota;&sigma;&tau;&#972;&sigmaf;, Khristos, "Christ", literally "anointed one"

Where does cristianity religion come from?

Contrary to popular belief, Christianity did not originate until after Jesus died. Geographically, Christianity originated in the Middle East on the eastern Mediterranean coast.

What continent did Christianity originate on?

Continent: Asia Region: Middle East Country: Israel City: Jeruselem

How many years before Christianity did Buddhism originate?

About five hundred years, give or take a hundred.

In what year and what country did Christianity originate?

Some have dated the start of Christianity - God's Church - on the 1st Pentecost in 31 A.D. in Jerusalem - part of the modern nation state of Israel.

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