How did Cleopatra die?

The following is pure, romanticised conjecture sourced from a legend that may have little basis in truth. In fact, that such a woman should choose a potentially slow, painful, and far-from-guaranteed death is highly unlikely, and no evidence of snake bites can be found on her corpse, and such evidence would most likely still be quite plain on her remains if she had died thus.

However, it is said that when Cleopatra heard of the disaster at the battlefield, she knew that all was lost. She went into her tomb (pyramid) along with her two handmaidens and a basket of figs which contained two asps. Stories say that she did this because she would not know when she would die as she would be eating.

At the same time Mark Antony came to know that Cleopatra was dead. So he committed suicide. He was apparently brought to her tomb and died in her arms.