How did Club Penguin make Club Penguin?

It all started in 2000 when Rsn@il games designed a game called experimental penguins, it was a snow themed world in which a player had a penguin which he used to go around the VR rooms and chat with other real world players outside the computer. The game had a huge success and won several award. It was such a hit Rsn@il games designed an other virtual world based on penguins called 'penguin chat. This game shortly became very popular so other 3 games called penguin chat 2, penguin chat 3 and penguin football chat where created. At the same time Rsn@il games also developed a game called ballistic biscuit in which you had to help camp counselor Bob get to the other side of the lake without falling out of the tube, this was the first version of the well-known club penguin game hydro hopper.
In late 2004 Disney became interested in the penguin chat series and payed Rsn@il games a large sum of money in exchange for the copyright. Disney worked fast and in October 2005 the game was ready, the game we now know as club penguin.