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thank god that jew needed to die

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Q: How did Corrie ten Boom describe her sister Betsy dead?
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What sister was Corrie ten Boom in concentration camp with?

Corrie ten Boom was in concentration camp with her sister named Betsie ten Boom.

Was Nollie ten Boom Corrie ten Boom's sister?

Nollie ten Boom (van Woerden was her married name) was Corrie's older sister.

Did Corrie ten Boom have any brother?

Corrie ten boom had one brother and one sister.

Who is Betsie in relation to Corrie ten Boom?

Betsie is Corrie's older sister.

Did Corrie ten Boom live with anyone?

Yes, she always lived with her sister Betsie and her father Casper. Nollie, Corrie's sister, and Willem, Corrie's brother, moved out. Corrie's mother had a stroke and died just before the Germans attacked Haarlem.

What adjectives describe Corrie ten Boom in the Hiding Place?

There are probably hundreds of adjectives that could describe Corrie Ten Boom in _The Hiding Place_. Here are a few: strong, compassionate, scared, sad, observant, empathetic.

What was Corrie ten Boom sick with?

She was sick with her sister, Bestie who both died of strokes.

Did Corrie ten Boom die?

Corrie ten Boom died in 1983.

What was Corrie Ten Boom's school?

what was corrie ten boom's school like

What is Nollie ten boom'm real last name?

Nollie ten Boom is Corrie ten Boom's sister. Both there last names are ten Boom

Where did Corrie Ten Boom's sister die?

Betsie ten Boom died in the Ravensbrück concentration camp hospital at the end of 1944.

What is the birth name of Corrie ten Boom?

Corrie Ten Boom's birth name is Cornelia ten Boom.

How did Corrie Ten Boom die?

Corrie Ten Boom died of successive strokes.

Was Corrie ten Boom born in Germany?

No, Corrie ten Boom was born in Amsterdam.

Where was Corrie ten Boom born?

Corrie Ten Boom was born in Amsterdam, Holland in the Netherlands.

When was Corrie ten Boom born?

Corrie ten Boom was born on April 15, 1892.

What are the characters in the hiding place by Corrie ten Boom?

Corrie Ten Boom, Betsie and many....

Where did Corrie ten Boom grow up in?

Corrie ten Boom grew up in Holland.

What is Corrie ten Boom's birthday?

Corrie ten Boom was born on April 15, 1892.

How did Corrie ten Boom find peace?

Corrie Ten Boom found peace in the LORD through Jesus Christ. Her hardest trial was forgiveness of those who had hurt her sister. She met the guard that had beaten her sister years later. The guard had given his/her life to the LORD. By the grace of God Corrie was able to forgive. Forgiveness is essential to peace.

How long was Corrie ten Boom in jail for?

From February 1944 until the camp administration released Corrie ten Boom in late December 28th 1944. Betsie (her sister) knew that she would be out before the new year.

Did corrie ten boom have a sister?

Yes. She had two sisters and one brother: Nollie, Betsie and Willem

Who were Corrie ten Boom's parents?

Corrie ten Boom's parents were Casper and Cornelia "Cor" Johanna Arnolda (Luitingh) ten Boom.

What year was corrie ten boom released?

Corrie ten Boom's family was imprisoned for most of 1944. They were arrested by the Nazis on February 28, 1944, and Corrie and her sister Betsie ended up in the Ravensbruck concentration camp where Betsie died on December 16, 1944 (age 59). Corrie was released on or about December 30.

Were did Corrie ten Boom live?

Corrie lived in Holland.