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How did D-day lead the march to freedom?



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After the Normandy Invasion by AlliedTroops, the Allies were able to liberate Caen(by British & Commonwealth forces),followed by Cherbourg (by the Americans).Then in July,1944 the Americans launched Operation Cobra-the U.S. 3rd Army broke out of the hedgerow country into open terrain that favoured swift movement which General Patton loved.Pattons forces moved south and east, while Montgomerys' armies moved north/northwest-destroying V1-V2 rocket sights set up along the Franco-Belgian coast.In August,1944-the Allies launched Operation Dragoon-the invasion of Southern France.By late august,elements of the French 2nd Armoured Division , lead by General LeClerc,Liberated Paris. From this point on, the allies were able to liberate the rest of nazi-occupied europe.