How did DNA evolve?

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That is one of the greatest mysteries of of all time. Nobody knows for sure. There are various theories, but not one has been substantiated.

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Why is DNA mutated?

It is how populations evolve.

Why could RNA evolve before DNA?

I think It's because RNA is less complex than DNA.

Closest dna to humans?

I am not sure about this but posibly gorillas or monkey as we did evolve from them?

How do organs and organ systems evolve and change from simple to more complex organisms?

Through DNA code that tells the cells how to evolve.

Latest inventions in biology?

XNA is synthetic DNA : An artificial nucleic acid -can replicate and evolve,just like DNA & RNA..

How traits are passed from on generation to the next and how species evolve?

They are inherited through genes and are past down by dna the dna strands get mutated and change

Could pigs actually fly in the future?

Maybe, I mean they could evolve to become these pigs with wings, so anything's possible. Or, they could not evolve and have avian DNA put into their DNA, it could happen. But we don't know for sure if they will, but anything's possible

Why didnt we evolve from pigs they have more DNA in common with us?

A) Because we didn't and B) No they don't.

What would happen if the cell did not have the organelle?

That means the DNA would have to evolve extremely quickly to do EVERY task an organelle would do, and the DNA would have to be the most complicated thing in the universe in order to do what all the organelles would do. This means the DNA has to evolve from giving orders, to doing orders from itself. It would have to evolve to send of pieces of DNA to go perform a specific task, and little pieces of DNA would float around in the cell, just as an organelle would to provide the basic needs of the cell. Either that, or the cell will die and humans will become extinct and cease to exist.

When does mew evolve in red in Pokemon?

Mew never evolves it is a Pokemon with one form. Mewtwo was created using DNA from Mew, the first ever Pokemon to be created through science - this confirms that Mew does NOT evolve into Mewtwo.Mew does not evolve.

How can an enzyme influence the evolution of a organism?

Organisms don't evolve , species do. Also - many proteins are enzymes, and their manufactured as directed by DNA. A change in DNA may or may not lead to changes which can be described as evolution.

What are characterstics of living things?

all living things :reproduce , grow , made out of cells , stumili , have DNA , metabolism , evolve , homeostasis

Does mew evovle into Mewtwo?

No. Mew and Mewtwo are two diffrent Pokemon. Mewtwo was created from Mews DNA. So Mew doesn't evolve into him.

How did horses evolve from a animal smaller than dogs give its specific name?

mammals 90 days flat on a drafting table DNA

7 features of life?

have cells reproduce adapt to environment have DNA maintain an internal temp grow and develop use materials as energy evolve

How are the instructions coded by DNA translated into an organisms physical traits?

by giving a direct code that the organism is able read to then understand how it may evolve to or become

Does mew evolve into Mewtwo?

mew evovle into mewtwo if you somehow make a egg so it evoves into mewtwo if you get luckyActually, Mewtwo is NOT an evolution of Mew. Scientist created mewtwo out of DNA from mew, so it is classified as an "evolution". But you cannot take a Mew and evolve it.

Why doesn't bacteria have their DNA encased in a nuclear envelope?

They are prokaryotes so did not evolve in the same way as eukaryotes. Bacteria are "simpler" organisms but have a highly complicated structure of their own

How do virus prion and viroid evolve?

Prions are misfolded proteins and may form because of some misreading of the DNA code. Virions are extracellular state of a virus with nucleocapsid.

What pokemon evolve using the water stone?

Poliwhirl to evolve into Poliwrath. Shellder to evolve into Cloyster. Staryu to evolve into Starmie. Eevee to evolve into Vaporeon. Lombre to evolve into Ludicolo. Panpour to evolve into Simipour.

How do you evolve chatot?

there is NO way you can evolve a Pokemon THAT does NOT evolve

Does armaldo evolve?

Armaldo does not evolve.Armaldo does not evolve.

Does a maniphy evolve?

no it dose not evolve no lengendey evolve

Is evolve an adverb?

No, the word evolve is not an adverb.The word evolve is actually a verb.

Explain why all mutations are not necessarily harmful?

Mutations are changes in DNA. Most are neutral or beneficial. Mutations have allowed animals to adapt to new environments and new species to evolve.