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How did David Farragut die?

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When did David Farragut die?

David Farragut died on August 14, 1870 at the age of 69.

When did David Farragut Edwards die?

David Farragut Edwards died on 1930-12-06.

When was David Farragut born?

David Farragut was born on July 5, 1801.

When was David Farragut Edwards born?

David Farragut Edwards was born in 1872.

When was David Farragut School created?

David Farragut School was created in 1904.

Why is David Glasgow farragut famous?

David farragut is famous because he works in the army

Was David Farragut a general or a governor?

Admiral David Farragut was an admiral with the United States Navy.

How old was David Farragut at death?

David Farragut died on August 14, 1870 at the age of 69.

How old is David Farragut?

David Farragut was born on July 5, 1801 and died on August 14, 1870. David Farragut would have been 69 years old at the time of death or 214 years old today.

When did Jordi Farragut die?

Jordi Farragut died in 1817.

Why was David Glasgow Farragut famous?

David Glasgow Farragut was famous because he was a civil war hero,led battle to take New Orleans.

What role did David Farragut play?

David Farragut was famous for his select quote, "Dam the torpedos! Full speed ahead!" He also was a Commander in the US Navy.

What is David Farragut's birthday?

David Farragut was born on July 5, 1801.

Who captured New Orleans?

Admiral David Farragut

What side was David Farragut on?

He was an Admiral of the US Navy.

Was David Farragut a confedarate?

No. He was an Admiral of the Union Navy.

When did Nathan Farragut Twining die?

Nathan Farragut Twining died on 1982-03-29.

What did david Glasgow farragut do?

he was the civil war naval hero

Captured port of New Orleans?

Captain David Farragut

What was the southern city captured by admiral David Farragut?

The southern city captured by Admiral David Farragut was New Orleans, Louisiana. The capture took place on April 29, 1862.

Why david g farragut was considered a hero in the north?

David G. Farragut implemented Winfield Scott's Anaconda Plan when he stopped the South from controlling the major waterways, such as the Mississippi River.

How did David Glasgow Farragut die?

i think he died, when he went to go and take over a city someone shot him in the head when he tried to escape

How was New Orleans captured?

By Naval attack by Admiral David Farragut.

Did David Farragut support the north or south?

David Farragut was a Union admiral. He scored many great victories for the Union like the battle of New Orleans (If you don't know what that battle is look it up) .

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