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In 1983, David Seth Kotkin ( Better known as David Copperfield,) made the Statue of Liberty disappear in front of a live audience on Liberty Island. The main needed items were 2 scaffolding towers to hold a curtain to block the statue from view, a large maneuverable platform, and 2 large circles of lights After about 10-15 seconds Copperfield made the statue disappear. The live audience was put on a maneuverable platform. Then during David's annual show special, he made the Statue of Liberty disappear. The statue was surrounded by a circle of lights which shone on the statue. When the curtain was raised, the platform turned about 40-45 degrees. Then, when the curtain dropped, the statue was no longer there. But there was still the circle of lights. There are 2 circles of lights. One around the statue and a duplicate one beside the statue on the spinning platform. While the curtain was raised, the lights around the statue turned off and the duplicate lights turned on. When the curtain drops, you see the duplicate lights while the statue is hidden by the left (As we see it,) tower. You can tell that the statue is not hidden by the right (As we see it,) tower because of the position and blinding lights put on the left tower. When the curtain is raised, the whole routine is done in reverse and then the statue appears.

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Q: How did David copperfield make the statue of liberty disappear?
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