How did Detroit get its name?


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It was founded by Frenchman Cadillac and has a French name meaning by or near a strait or channel.


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The Detroit Pistons got their name Detroit Pistons because they were named after the owner of the Zollner Machine Works. Their home town was Detroit, so he named them The Detroit Pistons.

Detroit Junior's birth name is Emery Williams Jr..

The other name for Detroit Waynes county airport that other uses are Detroit Metro airport, Wayne county airport or the last name shortened to DTW or Detroit Metropolitan.

The mascot for the Detroit Tigers is called Paws.

Detroit Metropolitan International Airport or KDTW/DTW.

Emanuel Steward's Place was the name of the restaurant. It was on Jefferson Avenue in downtown Detroit.

The word Detroit is a proper noun, the name of a specific place.

The Detroit Lions were founded in 1930. The first name of the team was the Portsmouth Spartans. They moved to Detroit in 1935, and the team was renamed the Detroit Lions.

Yes, the noun 'Detroit' is a proper noun, the name of a specific place.

* Detroit * Kalamazoo For Detroit you have the Detroit River. Also Grand Rapids you have the Grand River.DetroitKalamazooBoth of these are both a city and a river in Michigan.

There are several newspapers published in Detroit. Some of the more well know ones are the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit News, and the El Central Hispanic News.

it is french. Cadillac's namesake is from the french founder of Detroit.

The Detroit Tigers have always had the same name throughout their entire franchise history.

Detroit is the "formal" name of a city. This makes it a formal region. When people talk about Detroit, they are often talking about places that are not actually in Detroit, but in the Metro area around Detroit. In this sense it is a vernacular region.

From the NFL Hall of Fame: "DETROIT LIONS - The Lions name was chosen by George A. Richards, the Detroit radio executive who purchased the Portsmouth Spartans and moved the team to Detroit in 1934. "The lion is monarch of the jungle," a team spokesperson said, "and we hope to be the monarch of the league."

The name Motown comes from Detroit a motor town.

The Detroit River. 28 miles long and part of the Great Lakes water system.

The Detroit Red Wings name came in 1932 but the team came out in 1926.

Marcella Detroit's birth name is Marcella Levy.

Detroit was originally a fort established by the French known as Fort Detroit. The name Detroit comes from the fact the river it was built next to was called " le détroit du Lac Érié", meaning the strait of Lake Erie, linking Lake Huron and Lake Erie, by the original French explorers.

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