How did Earth come into existence?


There are many different answers for this. Some people believe that it came into existence by a big bang. Some people believe that over the years, small bits of debis joined up together to create the world. Some people belive that God was the one who created the world. There are many different opinions as to how the earth came into existence, but nobody knows for sure.


Do a search under the heading "creation science" you will find evidence that points to the earth being formed suddenly and by design.


As the question is posted under "Astronomy" and not under any of the "Spiritual" headings, the most agreed upon answer is the one that was mentioned. It's called accretion, and the idea is that gravity pulled together small pieces of rock and dust. Eventually enough material gathered together to create a considerable gravity well. There was a bit of competition for building material, as there were a few other planets trying to get stuff for themselves. The earth finally formed some 4.5 billion years ago.

Genesis 1:1 (King James Version)

1In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Answer 4

There was the word of god(which was his son Jesus christ.) and the word was god. God created the earth was his own design and created mankind. Some say the earth is 4.5+ billion years old, but that is all bogus and lies. There is no way of proving that because all the machines the scientists made are fraud age testing. Many evolutionists claim that the earth was made by random happenings. If that were true then all of our lives would be pointless and everyone will be living on this earth without a purpose or reason. You see we ALL are here for a purpose which God gave and intends us to have. People randomly just got bored, or maybe wanted to make money and started using their imagination to create things that would make people believe. Most of the things in evolution are not even true because they are theories. Scientists purposely made them theories and not legit facts because if there was a way to prove them wrong, they would just say, "its only a theory." Anybody could go out there and tell the world that the earth was made a different way and if he's good enough, then the people might believe him. What i am trying to say here is that whatever is said in evolution is all made up junk made to change our thinking and lead us away from what is true. God is real and so is his word.

Answer 5

ok i think somone is on crack who every believe that god created the earth have to be like can you prove that god exist not like the bible that says he is like the bible is made of a piece of paper i don't think god created the earth if he did that's like saying he created the universe and i don't believe that the earth is 4.5 billion years old it's probably much older and maybe not who knows