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After detention in the Gestapo headquarters on the Euterpestraat and three days in prison on the Amstelveenweg, Edith, and those with whom she was in hiding, was transported to the Westerbork transit camp. From here they were deported to Auschwitz on September 3 1944. Edith and her daughters were separated from Otto upon arrival and were never to see him again. On October 30 another selection separated Edith from Anne and Margot. Edith was selected for the gas-chamber, and her daughters were transported to Bergen-Belsen. She escaped with a friend to another section of the camp, where she remained through the winter, but died of exhaustion and malnutrition in January 1945 at the age of forty-four, twenty days before the Red Army liberated the camp

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Q: How did Edith Hollander Frank die?
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