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Music (Rock N Roll, Country, Gospel, Rhythm and Blues)

Fashion (his clothes, hair, and style was wholly unique starting from his early teens until his - sadly - death in August of 1977)

The Music Industry - by bringing Gospel songs to a live "rock" audience Elvis proved that quality will always be accepted and appreciated.

Generations of Musicians/Singers - From The Beatles to American Idol contestants Elvis continues to inspire Worldwide

Las Vegas - Elvis sold out every appearance in Las Vegas at a time when he was doing two shows a night for 30 straight nights and when his concert venue was TWICE as large as the nearest "competition"

TV - Elvis' appearances from the Dorsey Brothers Show, Steve Allen, Ed Sullivan, Welcome Back Special with Frank Sinatra, 1968 Elvis Special (aka; comeback special), 1973 Aloha from Hawaii (which was seen by OVER 1 billion people worldwide). Elvis set records for audience viewing and the HIGHEST percentage of viewer to population...ever achieved by anyone.

Hollywood - Elvis is the only actor to star in every motion picture and it make money. No other actor has eve achieved this.

Live Performances - Elvis sold out every concert he participated in from 1955 and then from 1969 through 1977. Yes Elvis toured, and SOLD OUT throughout the United States, for (8) eight years straight...unheard of.

Gospel Music - Anyone who ever met Elvis was amazed at his knowledge/passion of Gospel Music. He said "I know every Gospel song ever written" and he proved it to the most intimidating panel ever...Gospel Artists themselves. Elvis went to, he stayed backstage as not to take away from the performers, the Gospel Award Shows many times and never failed to leave a positive impression.

The World - Elvis proved that one can grow up dirt (literally) poor and through hard work, and using the talents God has given us all, achieve success.

His Family/Friends/Loved Ones - Without hesitation Elvis was a great friend who was loyal to a fault.

Charities - Elvis was, publicly and privately, the most "giving" person/entertainer ever. Whether it was giving away the concert proceeds to charity - to helping the widow/children of a slain police officer - to raising money for St. Judes - to raising money for Polio vaccine - to raising money for the March of Dimes - to giving away Cadillacs - to the annual charities he gave to every year in Memphis. Unlike 99.9% of the entertainers/people today Elvis was in the (95% at one point) HIGHEST TAX BRACKET and never maximized his tax write off's.

You (and people like you) - Who are curious and are brave enough to ask questions online. Thanks

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Q: How did Elvis Presley affect world?
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