How did Emma turn into a mermaid?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How did Emma turn into a mermaid?
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Does Charolette turn into a mermaid?

Yes Charolette did turn into a mermaid. But The girls ( cleo, emma, ricki) almost lost their powers but they became strong and defeated charolette and she lost her powers

How to turn into a mermaid like Emma and Rikki in h20?

H20 is a TV show and mermaids are NOT real. You can not turn into a mermaid. The people on the show are actors in costumes. It is all make believe.

Does kim in h2o turn into a mermaid?

no but the ones who do are Emma (moved away) Cleo Rikki Bella and Charlotte (not anymore)

How did Emma become a mermaid?

Emma became a mermaid when she swam in the moon pool on Mako Island during a full moon, with her friends Cleo and Rikki. She first learned she was a mermaid when she went for a swim in her pool the following morning.

How can you becaome a mermaid then turn back?

You can not become a mermaid. They are not real and there is no magic to turn you into a mermaid. It is all make believe. You can NOT turn into a mermaid.

Can the water from maco island turn you into a mermaid?

Yes,you can really turn into a mermaid

What episode does ash find out about Emma as a mermaid?

the final episode

Is Clair Holt a real mermaid?

Well no she is not, she plays the role of Emma in the TV series h2o:just add water who is a mermaid

Can you have a Mermaid spell pleas?

There are no spells that will turn you into a mermaid.

Can Lauren Ashley Howard turn into a mermaid?

No one can turn into a mermaid. They are not real. They are make believe.

Who turns into a mermaid in h2o?

That would be Cleo Rikki and Emma! Of course!

How do you turn to a mermaid when you touch water?

iwish to become a mermaid mermaid mermaid. (it causis a lot of pain to change)