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Well, Europe isn't a country, it is a continent. You don't say in the US, that you and Canadians and Mexicans are all the same. That's an insult! Same goes for Europe; don't call a Englishman or a Dutchman he is a ''European''; he'll be angry with you! Also, you acnnot say; Brussel is the capital of Europe; it is the capital of Belgium. And Paris doesn't lay it Europe, but in France!

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Q: How did Europe become separate?
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What mountains that separate Europe and Asia?

What mountains separate Europe and Asia

What features separate Asia and Europe?

The Ural Mountains separate Asia and Europe.

The Alps separate what country from the rest of Europe?

The Alps separate the country of Italy from the rest of Europe.

What mountain rangers separate Europe from Asia?

The Ural Mountains and the Caucasus Mountains both separate Europe from Asia.

When did Russia become a country in the US?

It never was part of the US. Russia is a separate country in Europe and Asia, USA is in North America.

What two mountain chains in Russia separate Asia and Europe?

The Ural Mountains and the Caucasus Mountains separate Asia and Europe.

Is Europe a south Asian country?

No,human geographers say Europe and Asia are separate CONTINENTS,not countries...physical geographers say that Europe and Asia are separate continents.

Is Europe the continent of Asia?

No. Europe and Asia are two separate continents.

What mountains separates Italy from Europe?

The Alps separate Italy from the rest of Europe!

Is Asian part of the eastern Europe?

Asia is a continent which is separate and to the east of Europe.

Why europe and asia are separate continents-?

Europe and Asia are tow separate continents because of their differences in culture, and most importantly due to the physical features that separate them such as Ural and Caucasus Mountains,and the Caspian Seas.

What mountain separate Europe and Russia?

The Urals separate European Russia from Asian Russia.

What are the four modern countries that border Greece but sperate it from Europe?

No countries separate it from Europe. Greece is a part of Europe.

Who wanted Europe to become christians?

the pope wanted all of Europe to become Christian

How Did Europe Become A State?

Europe is a continent.

Does the alps separate Europe from Asia?


What sea separate Africa and Europe?


Is Africa in Europe?

No, they are two separate continents

Is North America in Europe?

No. They are separate continents.

What is considered to be the eastern border of Europe?

The Ural Mountains separate Asia and Eastern Europe.

When did Europe become a sovereign nation?

Europe is a continent.

What mountains separate Africa from Europe?

The Mediterranean Sea separates Africa from Europe, not a mountain range.

What is the largest ocean in Europe?

Europe is a continent, oceans surround and separate continents, They are not inside continents.

State capital of Europe?

The continent of Europe contains many separate countries. There is no one capital.

What separates the Iberian peninsula from Europe?

The Pyrenees Mountains separate the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe.