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They learned because Rustichello wrote a book about his travels. They were in jail together, because the army captured them.

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Q: How did Europeans of the time come to learn of Marco Polo's travels in the East?
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How did europeans of the time come learn of Marco polo travels?

because they did

How did Europeans of the time come to learn of Marco polls travels in the east?

They learn by rustichello writing a book about Marco polls journeys

What did Europeans learn from Marco Polos trip to china?

They Learned that the world was not squared it was round and that there were more citys and countries all over the place

How did Europeans learn about Marco polo?

They learned it because Marco Polo wrote a book about it and everyone read it.

How did Marco polo help many europeans learn about china?


What did Europeans learn from Marco Polo?

They learn that hes more powerful than him so he started to be his slay and etc.

How did Marco polo help Europeans learn about China?

he traveled along way to china

How did euopeans of the time come to learn of Marco polo's travels in the east?

They went to go and find Marco Polo so the could learn how to go on adventures in water and surrvive.

How did the europeans learn how to make silk?

They stole silkworms, murdering the Chinese who were guarding them. Marco Polo is generally credited with this crime.

How did Marco polos book influence the world?

Marco Polo's book influenced the world because it told of him going to China and the perils and discoveries of him doing so. It was a first so of course everyone wanted to read it and learn about the other parts of the world.

Marco polos impact on China?

He only briefly passed through China and he had no objectives with any of the people he came across. Besides, there was nothing for China to learn from Europe. Europe just barely emerged from the Dark Ages and Marco was one of their first explorers.

Where did the Europeans learn about coffee?

Europeans learned about coffee from Ethiopia and Arab countries.

Why did Marco Polo travel for China?

Marco polo's dad used to be an explorer and a trader, Marco traveled to China with his dad to learn about the chinese ways.

How did Europeans learn of the Nubian culture?


Why were aboriginal children taken by Europeans?

Europeans took aboriginal children because the europeans did not want they aboriginal children to learn the way how the aboriginal people live. They also took them because they did not want them to learn there language at all.

What did Europeans learn from the Muslims?

That we're all the same

Why was Marco Polos's exploration important?

It's important since he was one of the first Europeans to reach China and serve at the court of different emperors. His records have been an important tool for historians to learn about life in China in the 13th century.

What did Marco Polo learn in China?

Language, Geograqphy, Diplomacy and Business.

What did Marco Polo study?

The emperor of invited Marco Polo to the palace and offered him important positions in the Chinese court. Marco Polo became interested and started to learn the Chinese language.

From where did the Europeans learn about coffee?

they learned about coffee from the Ethiopians and Arabs

How did the europeans learn about chocolate?

After they discovered cocoa frowns powder

What did gilmesh learn from his travels?

Gilgamesh. That immortality wasn't for men.

Do Europeans speak French?

If they already speak English then they usually learn French in school, but if not they learn English.

How did jane goodall learn what she knows about chimps?

Jane Goodall learn a lot about chimps by studying them for years. She travels the world to learn more about them.

What did you learn from Marco Polo's explorations?

I learned bout Marco polo that he explored cuz he wanted to qet silk, spices and many other thiinqz