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How did Evita Peron get her start in her career?

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Who played Eva Peron in the film 'Evita'?


What happened to Evita Peron?

Eva Evita Peron died July 26, 1952, just after her husbands second inauguration.

From which country was Evita Peron?


What country was evita peron from?


Who is Juans wife?

"Evita" Peron

What is the real full name of the musical character 'Evita'?

The real name of "Evita" is Eva Peron.

Famous person from Argentina?

Evita Peron

Who played Eva peron in evita?


Who was juan Peron famous wife?


How did evita peron die?

Uterine Cancer

Evita is about which famous woman?

Eva Peron

When did Evita Peron die?

July 26,1952

What are the ratings and certificates for Evita Peron - 1981 TV?

Evita Peron - 1981 TV is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-12 Sweden:15

Where did evita come from?

Eva Peron came from Argentina.

Which film was based on the life of Eva Peron?


Evita was wife of what latin America dictator?

Juan Peron

What role did Madonna play in the movie evita?

Eva Peron

Did Evita Peron of Argentina have Children?

No, but it is rumored that she did have one miscarriage

When did the first peron arrive in Florida?

Evita Peron visited Miami in 1947, about a year before her husband Juan Peron visited in 1948, so technically, she was the first Peron in Florida.

First Lady of Argentina from 1946-52?

Evita peron

What is Argentina's famed former first lady called?

Evita Peron.

What did evita peron do?

Upon the ouster of her husband Juan Perot, Evita assumed the powers of President of Argentina which had allot of power attached to it.

Did evita peron have any sisters?

Eva had one brother and three sisters.

Did Madonna play avita?

Yes Madonna played Eva Peron in Evita

Who played Evita in London in 1985?

The lead role of Eva Peron in Evita was played by Patti LuPone. She starred in the London production in 1985.