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Charlemagne, a very powerful and efficient Frankish Ruler, had a strategy he used that never he used and never failed him. Charlemagne would go out once a year, go into battle with one of his enemies and then one the opponent has been defeated, he would take over the land and make friends with the people and surrounding areas.

Charlemagne was also well known across Europe too, Pope Leo III noticed Charlemagne skill as a warrior and called for his help. Twice the Franks under Charlemagne's Rule helped Leo defeat their enemies. Out of gratitude, Pope Leo named Charlemagne the Emperor of the Roman people. The people believed that the Church and the Gods were on the side of Charlemagne which gave him the support along with the power to occupy the majority of Europe.

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What frankish king briefly unified western Europe?


Who was the Frankish king that established the Holy Empire in Western Europe in the 9th century AD?

Charlemagne, was the Frankish king.

Who was Charlemagne?

Actually Charlemagne was a very powerful frankish King. Charlemagne added to his land and gained more and more power. He helped bring Europe out of the Dark Ages. By the time of his death, Charlemagne ruled most of Western Europe.

What did Charlemagne do in Europe?

Charlemagne united most of Western and Central Europe.

What part of Europe did Charlemagne rule?

Western Europe.

Who reunited western Europe?


What frankish king helped spread Christianity over Europe after the fall of the roman empire?

It was Charlemagne.

What Frankish King united many Germanic tribe's and founded a Christian Empire in Central Europe?


Who attacked western Europe after Charlemagne?

The Vikings

How did Charlemagne get control of Europe?

he was cool

How did Charlemagne change Western Europe?

Charlemagne changed Europe by creating order. He did that by joining different countries together.

Why is Charlemagne known as the father to Europe?

Charlemagne united most of Western and Central Europe under the Carolingian Empire, which was the first new empire in Europe after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

Which frankish king wanted to expand and strengthen his kingdom and bring order to Europe?

I believe the king this describes is Charlemagne.

Who were the carolingians?

The Carolingians were Frankish rulers, which means their territory was in western Europe.

What are some fast facts about Charlemagne?

Charlemagne was King of the Franks from 768-814. His father was Pepin the Short, his mother was Bertrada of Laon. He grew the Frankish empire until it included most of Western and Central Europe. He is thought of as the "father of Europe" because he founded the French and German monarchies. He died on January 28th, 814.

Who in the 800 ruled much of western and central Europe?


Which frankish ruler halted the Muslim advance into western and central Europe?

Charles Martel.

Who was the famous frank leader who unified much of western Europe?


Who ruled western Europe between 768 and 814?

Around the year 814 A.D. Charlemagne ruled the Western part of Europe

What Frankish leader during the Middle Ages is remembered for playing a huge part in developing the ideas of feudalism and knighthood in Western Europe?

Charles the Great (known as Charlemagne) was a seminal figure in the development of the Medieval French identity. The later "Chansons" (songs, or poems) about the deeds of Charlemagne and his various paladins became the foundational legends behind the culture and code of chivalry of Medieval Europe.

Who controlled the western Europe politically and religiously during the Medieval Period?


What did Charlemagne accomplish in Europe?

Charlemagne united most of Western and Central Europe into the Carolingian Empire, centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire. However, the empire crumbled shortly after his death.He is known as 'the Father of Europe'.

Who established Christianity among the Franks?

Charles the Great, better known as the Frankish King, Charlemagne, united most of Western Europe, restoring a significant part of the Holy Roman Empire. He was crowned King by Pope Leo III in 800 AD.

What are Charlemagne's accomplishments?

When Charlemagne became king of the Franks in 768, he ruled over what is now France and western Germany. After Charlemagne defeated the Lombards in Italy in 800, Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne as the emperor of the Romans. Charlemagne gained control of most of Italy. During Charlemagne's reign, he had nearly doubled the amount of land he controlled and had united much of western and central Europe.

How did Charlemagne influence the development of the middle ages?

Charlemagne extended the Frankish Kingdom to include Saxony, Lombardy, and other territories, founded the Carolingian Empire, which was the ancestor to the Kingdom of France and the Holy Roman Empire, founded schools, and generally elevated the culture of Western Europe. I would pick him as the single most important person of the Middle Ages.