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Post impressionist Georges Seurat developed a technique called pointillism by using an enormous number of dots of pure pigment each of which was approximately 2mm in diameter. The idea was to improve the brilliance of the painting. He was able to do this because of a new chemistry to make paints. This new technique was designed to be foolproof and had been inspired by the color theories of Chevreul, Rood and Maxwell. The former being Chevreul's "law of simultaneous contrast of colors". Also Rood's discovery that optical mixtures color were more intense than premixed colors. Seurat deduced that local color was simply one convention among others. It can be demonstrated by science that any hue modifies its neighboring color since it must induce an aureole of a tone which is its own complementary.

This information is one answer to a question often asked which is "what is modern art? This is a perfect example where modern 19th century science and art complement each other.

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Q: How did Georges Seurat based on the ideas of Cevreul and Root and Maxwell make his paintings more brilliant and colorful by using a technique called pointillism?
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