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== == Germany doesn´t have a nickname... but we Germans are called Krauts by some nations. :))) Kraut was a common GI term for the German soldier and comes from the abbreviation of sauerkraut, the sour cabbage, a common food eaten by Germans.

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Q: How did Germany get the nickname kraut?
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Where did sauerkraut originate?

Sauerkraut is produced and originates from Germany. The clue is in the name "kraut" (common nickname for a German).

What was the allied nickname for German?

kraut, jerry

What was Germany's nickname in World War 2?


Allied nickname for a German?

Kraut, Jerry, but mostly Huns.

What are nicknames given to the Germans in ww1?

The nickname for German soldier in WW I was "Kraut" (cabbage)

What is German cabbage?

cabbage = Kohl cabbage = Kraut (southern Germany, Austria)

Was Kraut a nickname for Germans in World War 1?

Yes, one of many slang nicknames used.

World war 2 nickname Jerry?

It is the British's nickname for the German is 'Jerry'. In WW1 they used "Hun". Some continued that usage into WW2. The American's nickname for the German is 'kraut'. The German's nickname for the British is 'Tommy', and for the Americans is 'Ami'.

What is the slang name crout come from?

If u are referring to the World War II era slang "kraut", it was a reference to the Nazi soldiers. It is from sour kraut, a cabbage based vegetable created in Germany.

Does sour kraut come from the German country Germany?

Yes. It is eaten often in Germany, however it's spelled Sauerkraut in English and German.

When did Bojan Kraut die?

Bojan Kraut died in 1991.

When was Bojan Kraut born?

Bojan Kraut was born in 1908.

What is Germany nickname?

Germany is known as the "Fatherland".

When was Laura Kraut born?

Laura Kraut was born on 1965-11-14.

When was Dominik Kraut born?

Dominik Kraut was born on 1990-01-15.

What has the author Allen I Kraut written?

Allen I. Kraut has written: 'Getting Action from Organizational Surveys'

When was Robert E. Kraut born?

Robert E. Kraut was born on 1946-08-30.

What does cold as kraut mean?

Cold as Kraut is a similie and is comparing one thing to another. This particular similie means that you are as cold as a german. This is said because Kraut is what the English used to call Germans in world war two and it basically means that you are as cold hearted as a Nazi or a Kraut. As it was explained to me years ago by an elderly gentleman, "cold as Kraut" meant cold as saurkraut. Before the days of refrigeration, saurkraut was stored in large stone vats underground. And they got very very cold.

Where does la choucroute come from in France?

La choucroute is a regional specialty from the Alsace region, and from the neighbouring region of Germany where the recipe is known as sauer-kraut.

When did Ivan Kraut die?

Ivan Kraut died on August 26, 2009, in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil of tumor.

What was the nickname for the national socialist party in Germany?

"The Nazis" is the nickname for the German National Socialist Party

What is kraut?

It's a German word meaning *Leaves *Cabbage There's a German speciality called Sauerkraut - pickled cabbage. In both World Wars the krauts was used in English as a nickname for the Germans.

What was Bismarck's title in Germany?

His nickname was the "Iron Chancellor".

What does saur Kraut mean?

Kraut is a German word recorded in English from 1918 onwards as a derogatory term for a German, particularly a German soldier.

How do you spell sour kraut?