How did God guard the Garden of Eden?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: How did God guard the Garden of Eden?
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What was the name Adam and Eve's garden?

The garden had no name. It was planted by God in Eden. Eden was the name of the land that was to the east of where God created the first man, Adam.

Is the Garden of Eden the same as the Garden of Aden?

No the Garden of eden is probally invisable as god put a fire sword over the entrance of the garden of eden!

What did Adam say to God when he was going to throw him out of the Garden of Eden?

In the Bible, Adam does not speak again after God tells him that he will be expelled from the Garden of Eden.

Did Zeus create the garden of Eden?

No, God did.

Which God created the garden of Eden Zeus or Ares?

Neither; Ares and Zeus are Greek deities. The Garden of Eden was created by the Christian God in the Bible.

How did Eve interact with God?

In the garden of Eden, both Adam and Eve interacted with God face to face. God taught them there and there were "in the presence of God". After they were banished from the Garden of Eden, they interacted with God through worship and prayer.

Who was with Adam in the Garden of Eden?

God and Satan. Then, Eve.

Who kept Adam Eve from the garden of Eden?

God did

Who did god place at the entrance of the Garden of Eden?


Who created women's wear?

God. For Eve in the Garden of Eden.

What happen to eve did she die?

if you mean Adam and eve(in The Bible) they did die after god sent them out of the garden of eden

Why was Adam created outside of Eden?

I'm not sure we know that Adam was created outside of Eden. There was a geographical location called Eden and there was a garden called Eden. All scripture tells us is that God created Adam and put him in the Garden of Eden. He probably was created out of the ground in Eden and then placed in God's Garden of Eden. Regardless of where Adam was created I am not aware that there is any significance to Adam being created outside or inside Eden.