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Britain was in debt and expected the colonies to get them out of it. The British acted on their own to impose new taxes and regulations on colonial trade which angered the colonist. {:

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How did wars in Europe affect the colonies?

As the growing population of the American colonies pushed up against the French-held territory, hostility between England and France increased.

How did the changes in Britains economic policies affect the Canadian colonies?

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How did the American revenue act affect the relationship between England and the colonies?

How did the American Revenue Act affect colonial economies?

How did religious tolerance affect the American Colonies?

they spleed up

How did the Spanish Armada's defeat affect England and France?

It enabled them to start colonies in the Americas

How did the American Revolution affect colonies?

they lost their lands and they lost their properties.

How did the opposition to british tax policies affect the American colonies?

the colonist

How did king george's war affect the American colonies?

king Georges war affected the colonies by not giving them any room

How did the American victory at saratoga affect the war?

France became an American ally and joined the war.

How did the French and Indian war affect the American Colonies?

It would later cause the Revolutionary War, as the American Colonies would become angry with Britain's attempts to tax them.

How did the Stamp Act affect prices in the American colonies?

It raised the price of many items

How did the American Revolution affect England France and Spain?

alot of people died

How did the war between England and France affect American neutrality?

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How did these differences affect the race for Americans colonies?

These differences affected the race for American colonies by spreading out the whole country and affecting the people and their plans

How did slavery affect American colonies?

One Reason how the colonies were affected by slavery was because they had more power and dlavery affected them because they had the power but jersey shore is one of the colonies

How did the navigation acts in the 1650s affect the american colonies?

colonists could only trade with england:):):):):):):):):):):):)

How did religious differences affect the race for American colonies?

because of slavery and many other reasons

How did the sugar industry affect the English colonies in America?

They had to pay taxes on sugar to help pay for England's war with France

How did the American Revolution affect France economically?

It placed the country in serious financial arrears. Also France made a new enemy!

How did the American Revolution affect people throughout the colonies?

It caused them to umm yeah get like smarter kind if

How did opposition to British tax policies affect the American colonies?

taxation without representation which caused the Revolution.

How did the Revolutionary war affect the loyalists?

53,000 had to leave the colonies after the war. They were seen as traitors to the American cause.

How did these differences affect the race for American colonies?

they split themselves up and forming many different Churches

How did Queen Anne's war affect the American colonies?

They burned the Spanish settlement of St. Augustine in Florida.

How did the battle of lexington and concord affect the course of American history?

it was the start of the 13 colonies becoming independent