How did Henry VIII justify his power?

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Yes that is one of the reasons that Henry the VIII broke with Rome here are some other answers Why did Henry VIII break from Rome? Some people in England and Europe were starting to become unhappy with the Catholic Church and wanted it to change. Martin Luther, a German reformer, had published an argument that criticised the Pope of tyranny throughout Europe, causing the German reform and although Henry had criticised Luther's arguments, English scholars saw them as valid and believed the Catholic government to be corrupt. Henry VIII believed that he needed a son to make sure that the Tudor dynasty survived. Although he had a son while married to Catherine, it was illegitimate - I . e born out of wedlock - as he had an affair with Elizabeth Blount. The son, Henry Fitzroy, was made the duke of Richmond at the age of 4 - Henry tried to make him heir to the throne outside the traditional methods.
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Why did Henry VIII want power?

Henry the VIII wanted power because he wanted nobody to be more powerful than himself. This why one of the reasons Henry VIII changed the church and to prove to people he had the most power in the country.

How did closing down the monasteries make Henry VIII more powerful?

Weakning the catholic church as a primary influence, giving rise to the church of England as the primary religion. . Anglican Catholic Answer! The poor were the ones who lost most from the closing down of the monasteries! The rich, the Merchants ,Gentry and Nobility, Catholics or other wise, ( Full Answer )

What did Henry VIII do?

he had 6 wives, was fat, and was king of england.. he had 6 wives, was fat, and was king of england..

Why did Henry VIII get called Henry VIII?

Henry VIII is the 8th king named Henry. It would be very confusing, if say all the Henry's were not numbered. Edward VI (Henry's son) is the sixth Edward to reign as King of Engalnd.

Henry VIII power money and love?

because it was because it was That's sooo stupid ill answer this question better because some people can't ;D Henry the 8th power=he wanted to take over the world and thought that as he was more powerful than other people in the world he could do whatever he wanted and whenever Henry saw a way of e ( Full Answer )

Why was Henry VIII called Henry VIII?

Because he was the 6th great - grandson to Henry I , the 8th prince and monarch of England and Scotland in line to sit on the throne , and the son of Henry VII . (The crown of Scotland did not join with the crown of England until James I when England became Great Britain.)

Why did Henry VIII want more power?

Henry wanted more power because he didn't want anybody to be more powerful than himself. This is why Henry changed the Church; to prove to people he had the most power in the country.

Did Henry VIII break with Rome because he wanted more power?

Yes that is one of the reasons that Henry the VIII broke with Rome. here are some other answers. Why did Henry VIII break from Rome? . Some people in England and Europe were starting to become unhappy with the Catholic Church and wanted it to change.. Martin Luther, a German reformer, had publis ( Full Answer )

Why is Henry VIII called Henry VIII?

VIII is eight in Roman Numerals - he was the eighth king named Henry. It is a convention to write monarchs names in the form "Henry VIII" and this is pronounced "Henry the eighth."

How did Henry VIII abuse his power?

Henry VIII abused his power as King of England. He essentiallyforced the entire country to abandon their religion and honor himas head of his own church.

Henry VIII viii and the monasteries?

to be able to take money from the church, Henry had to close the catholic church and monasteries to take away their money. To be able to close the monasteries Henry needed a reason, so, he bad mouthed the catholics by saying that they believed in the wrong things and that they were greedy. By say ( Full Answer )

How did henry viii solve 'i want power' problem?

Henry VIII wanted to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon andmarry Anne Boleyn. The Pope's refusal made Henry determined toremove the Church from its position of power in Britain so that hewould never have to elicit permission from the Pope again. Oncethis was completed, the resulting split est ( Full Answer )

Where was Henry VIII from?

He was born in Greenwich Palace, England. (no longer standing) Technically Henry was Welsh on his father, Henry VII's, side, whose father was Edmund Tudor, half-brother of King Henry VI. Henry VIII's grandmother was Margaret Beaufort, descendant of John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford. Henry was als ( Full Answer )

Why did Henry VIII want power and wealth?

Henry longed for power and wealth; what King doesn't? He wanted to show everyone that he had the most power and it also intimidated his enemies.

How much power did Henry VIII have?

Henry VIII had quite a lot of power because he was head of the church of England and all kings are supposed to be born with power and you might not think it but Churches had more power than Kings or Queens and i think still do I'm not sure though

Was Henry VIII Powerful?

He was one of the most powerful men in existence during his time. To give you an idea of his power - he told the Pope to go away, closed most churches down and broke England away from Rome. All monarchs are powerful.

How did Henry VIII gain power?

Henry gained more power as he gained weight. Also hewas the Head Of The Church Of England, and he had 6 wives(divorced, beheaded and died) Hope This Helps. Love ? x.

Why did Henry VIII need power?

Henry VIII also made himself head of the church because he wanted more power. Even though he was the king he still thought that the Pope had more control over the Church. There have been struggles before over whether the priests should obey the Pope or the king. Henry wanted to control his own churc ( Full Answer )

Why did Henry VIII want so much power?

Because he was a King and all Kings want power but obviously not as much as Henry did because he wanted more power than the churches and the Pope so that he could get married and divorced and he didn't have to ask permission from the Pope.

What power did Henry VIII have in the 1530s?

well he had a couldren and he used to pour it down his trousers to make his willy look bigger and longer, so he got rein for having the tonkest willy going,

Who was Henry VIII and what did he do?

Born: 28 Jun 1491, Greenwich Palace, London, England Acceded: 24 Jun 1509, Westminster Abbey, London, England Died: 28 Jan 1547, Whitehall Palace, London, England Buried: St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, England Henry VII became the king of England on 21 April 1509. He was a very grueso ( Full Answer )

Why did Henry VIII make the break from rome because of power?

England was a Roman Catholic Country. In 1533, King Henry wished to divorce his wife of over 20 years (Katherine of Aragon) because she was over the age of child bearing and of all her many children by him, only one had survived, the Princess Mary. Henry needed a son and by this time had also fallen ( Full Answer )

How did power corrupt King Henry VIII?

well,apparently, henry the eighth was pretty nice before he was king. then, after he had been crowned for a while, he turned nasty. some say that the only reason henry cut off his second wife's head was because she had given him a daughter not a son, and that he had paid someone to give evidence tha ( Full Answer )

Was Henry VIII justified in closing all of the monasteries?

Yes The main reasons being That most monasteries where taking everyone's money by selling bones of sheep, pieces of wood and saying that it's something special and the money didn't even go to the church it went to the bishops the priests and the pope to spend on luxuries

How did Henry VIII get more power?

Henry wanted to control the church. Since medieval times, there hadbeen struggles over whether priests should obey the Pope or theKing. He said that the Pope no longer had any authority in England.From now, all Priests and Monks had to do what Henry said, not whatthe Pope said. Once Henry had contro ( Full Answer )

Who was more powerful between Henry VIII and the pope?

Henry VIII had all the armies of England behind him. The Holy Father only had the Swiss Guard and God. Depends on how you look at it, as far as worldly power is concerned, Henry, obviously, but I would not want to depend on that in the next world.

How did Henry VIII try to get power and money?

In terms off power: Well first off, his aim was to be King of France, but this was far too ambitious; although the Battle of the spurs gave him Calais, not strategically advantageous, but gave him a title known internationally and achieved some glory and power. He consequently tried to be the peace ( Full Answer )

Was Henry VIII Henry Tudor?

Yes, but Henry Tudor is more known as Henry VIII's father Henry VII. Tudor is just the last name, so either way both Henrys are Tudors.

What power did the pope have over Henry VIII?

The pope is the Vicar of Christ on earth. So strictly speaking, he represents all the moral and religious power on every men in the world. However men can do what they want and listen to the pope or not: they are free to go far away from the unique faith taught by Jesus Christ or to follow the succe ( Full Answer )

Did Henry VIII have power over the Roman Catholic Church?

I was set this for a home work assignment and its hard to find results. But i found out mostly no , because that was the barons and popes jobs. he had about 1 percent of the roman catholic church under his power.

Why was power important to Henry VIII?

because power is like consuming chocolate and wanting more and more . also because when he has power he can do what he likes.

How much power did Henry VIII?

Henry VIII ruled as an Absolute Monarch - in simple terms his word was law. He ruthlessly persecuted his political enemies, violently eliminating all opposition.

Who did Henry VIII do?

He is best know for his six marriages, Henry VIII is also known for his role in the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church. Henry's struggles with Rome led to the separation of the Church of England from papal authority, the Dissolution of the Monasteries, and establishi ( Full Answer )

How did the power of the king change between the reigns of Henry VIII and William iii?

Henry VIII was the son of Henry VII; the first King to break the long reigning line of thePlantagenet's and the last king to be part of the War of the Roses: a series of struggles in which 7 of the English Kings, from Richard II to Henry VIII, fought for the crown. The term Wars of the Roses was coi ( Full Answer )

3 Actions King Henry VIII did that demonstrated absolute power?

Three actions King Henry VIII did that demonstrated absolute powerincluded complete control over political and economic decisions inthe country. He also left the Catholic Church and became the headof his own church which gave him complete religious power.

3 Actions King Henry VIII did that demonstrated absolute power-?

Three actions that King Henry VIII did that demonstrated absolutepower included becoming head of his own church so he was free fromthe restrictions of the Catholic church. He also controlled alleconomic and social decisions.