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he dident defeat them the 1st time but the second time he brought back a bigger army and defeated them. he captured their king and kept him hostage he later murdered him anyway

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What empire did Hernando Cortes conquer?

Hernando cortes conquered the Aztec empire taking Montezuma (Aztec emperor) hostage.

What group of people did Hernando Cortes conquer?

The Aztec empire.

What are the reasons that Hernan Cortes was able to conquer the Aztec empire?

Some reasons why Hernando Cortes was able to conquer the Aztec empire is, he shared new language and culture.

How did Cortes conquer the Aztec empire?

Hernando Cortes conquer the Aztec Empire by swear allegiance to King Charles V of Spain. Velazquez sends 1100 men to oppose Cortes. If he conquer the Aztec empire, he takes the gold and jewelery to his boat and sent back to Spain.

Who did hernando cortes conquer?

Aztec indians

Who did Hernan Cortes conquer?

Hernando Cortez is best known for conquering the Aztec empire 1521.

Hernando Cortes conquered which empire?


What was the Mexican empire destroyed by Hernando Cortes?

Aztec Empire.

What empire did Cortes conquer in 1520?


Mexican empire invaded by Hernando Cortes in 1519?

The Aztec Empire.

Who is famous for taking over the Aztec empire?

Hernando Cortes took over the Aztec empire.

Where did Hernando Cortes explore on his jounery?

cortes explored the aztec empire in mexico

What was Hernando Cortes's goals?

One of the reasons Hernando Cortes went to Mexico was to conquer Aztec lands.

Hernando Cortes marched his force of about 600 men through Mexico to conquer the Aztec empire?

Yes he did and montezuma thought he was a god so he welcomed Cortes nicely

Who helped Cortes conquer Aztec empire?


Which conquistador is responsible for the defeat of the Aztec empire?

Hernando Cortes

Who conguered the Aztec empire?

Hernando Cortes. He was a Spanish conquistador.

Which empire did the army of Hernan Cortes conquer in Mexico?

The Aztec Empire.

What was Hernando Cortes most known for?

Hernando De Cortes was most known for finding Mexico and conquering the Aztec empire.

What country did Cortes conquer?

Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztec Empire and claimed large parts of Mexico for the King of Castile. His second cousin, Francisco Pizarro, later conquered the Inca Empire of Peru.

What were Hernando Cortes's goal?

his goals were conquer the Aztec empire

How did Hernando cortez conquer the Aztecs?

In 1519, Hernando Cortes was able to conquer the Aztecs because he had a large army and was able to capture the Aztec king Montezuma. When Cortes went to Mexico, the Aztec thought that he was the god Quetzalcoatl and welcomed him with honor.

The conquistador who wanted to conquer the mighty Aztec empire?


The conquistador who wanted to conquer the mighty Aztec empire was .?


What spanish explorer conquered the Aztec empire in 1521?

Hernando Cortes