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How did Hitler and Stalin achieve power?

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they were feared by others

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hitler turned on stalin to get more power during the war, with made stalin an allie.

Hitler just took over by voting and his famous speeches. Stalin on the other hand just got power by his family's power.

If you mean: Was Hitler worse than Stalin or Who was worse, Hitler or Stalin? The answer is Hitler.

Both Hitler and Mussolini's downfalls were from the loss of World War 2. Stalin had no downfall. He died while still in power in 1953.

Yes. It was the Hitler-Stalin Pact.

No, Hitler and Stalin never met.

Stalin and Hitler were both equally violent.

Stalin was worst than Hitler. Stalin killed 9 million more people than Hitler.

Joseph Stalin would use pure force to achieves his power. He was a dictator and had to answer to nobody but himself.

With Hitler he was a socialist. He had nothing in common with Stalin.

In my opinion: Hitler, then Stalin, followed by Mussolini

Stalin supported the philosophy of communism, while hitler was committed to fascism

It took Adolf Hitler until the early 1930's to gain political power in Germany. Joseph Stalin was part of the Bolshevik October Revolution in Russia in 1917. Stalin held important political positions , even a dictatorship in the USSR by 1930. To answer the question then, Stalin came first.

Probably Hitler. They were both mass murderers, but what Hitler did was HORRIBLE! Hitler and his Nazis killed millions of Jews, and Stalin didn't. Stalin is more of a 50-50, but Hitler was far more evil and cruel.

Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler were both Communists.

yes, they all used a form of communism Mussolini used fascism Hitler used Nazism Stalin just used plain old communism

Stalin and Hitler agreed on dividing Poland in the beginning of the second world war, and then Stalin was betrayed by Hitler, and they became enemies.

Politically, Stalin was afraid of Leon Trotsky, his main rival for power after Vladimir Lenin died. Militarily, he was afraid of Adolph Hitler.

No, the Russians (Stalin) destroyed Germany and drove hitler to suicide Stalin was not a good person but hitler had right intentions

Hitler & Mussolini were Fascist Dictators, Stalin was a Socialist Dictator.

Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were both in favor of what?

Stalin had a bad childhood not bad as Hitler though

if you mean what did Hitler do after he MET Stalin, he tried to convince him to become an ally, which of course did not happen.

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