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He murdered all non-aryans :(

My improved answer is:

Adolf Hitler murdered all non-German people such as the Jews and many more...

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it is the big yes who mayed the big attempt to THE THING

Jews moved to Australiaa in an attempt at escaping persecution, at establishing a new life, and simply because they wanted to.

The word 'seek' is a verb (seek, seeks, seeking, sought); to attempt to find; to attempt or to desire to obtain or achieve.

President Carter attempted to solve the energy crisis by establishing the National Energy Act.

It resulted in Castro establishing Communism in Cuba. It was a failed invasion of Cuba. It was a failed attempt to overthrow Castro.

By creating organizations such as the European Union.

The Schiehallion Experiment was an attempt to measure the mass of the Earth, by establishing the volume of this mountain, Schiehallion. In the course of this attempt, contour lines were invented to simplify the measuring of the mountain's volume. Have a crack at Schiehalion in wikipedia.

Most governments attempt to do this by establishing standards, inspecting workplaces, and imposing fines for failure to comply

They went to 24 hour shifts.They hired blacks from the South and women to work in the plants.

In reality, he wasn't. He never received a doctorate, nor did he attempt to achieve one. He just called himself a doctor

By bargaining with employers. Hence the term "Collective Bargaining." God Bless and Keep the Unions!

I don't know if there has been an attempt to achieve three or more degrees before graduating, however I know of more than a few who have taken a double major.

Endeavors are enterprises, activities, or attempts to reach some goal. The verb endeavor means to try, attempt, or act to achieve something.

Abstract art does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality, but instead uses shapes, colours and forms to achieve its effect

The strategy by which nations (states) agree not to attack each other and to join in defending against any agressor. The U.N. is an example of an attempt at establishing collective security.nations agreeing to defend one another from attacks

The first attempt to introduce the possum into New Zealand came in 1837, for the purposes of establishing a fur industry. They were brought from Australia to Riverton in Southland, but they did not adapt very well at this time. However, they were only successfully reintroduced in 1858.

Sulfur forms a -2 ion in an attempt to achieve a complete electron shell that is isoelectronic with Argon. In order to achieve a full 3p shell, Sulfur must gain 2 electrons, becoming a -2 ion.

"Propaganda is the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist.

"A criminal attempt occurs when a person, with the intent to commit an offense, performs any act that constitutes a substantial step toward the commission of that offense. Criminal attempts are of two varieties: "complete" (but "imperfect"); and "incomplete." A complete, but imperfect, attempt occurs when the defendant performs all of the acts that he set out to do, but fails to attain his criminal goal. In contrast, anincomplete attempt occurs when the defendant does some of the acts necessary to achieve the criminal goal, but he quits or is prevented from continuing, e.g., a police officer arrives before completion of the attempt."

To attempt means to try; an attempt is a try. Here are some sentences.She made an attempt at fixing the leak, then called a plumber.An attempt was made on his life.I would never even attempt to climb Mount Everest!

Attempt means to try something.

The plural for attempt is attempts.

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