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How did Hitler gain so much power?


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he was voted president then changed it to a Dictatorship.


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Adolf Hitler was able to gain so much power because he could get so many people to follow him. (Think of all those Nazis) Then he abused his power by starting a war against all Jewish. He also allied with other strong countries and captured others.

no it made it easier to gain power because people were so desperate for something good to happen they would believe anything.

Not really... due to the fact that Adolf Hitler had gain so much respect and power that no country really stood up to him until WWII.

Hitler was very smart for one thing and he gave the people of Austria and Germany what they wanted but the reason dictators get so far in their own dictatorship is because they usually know what the people want.

Well during War War 2 Hitler was elected so was the Italian dictator and i believe the Japanese and they gained power by capturing other countries

They gained their power under the "Bayonet Constitution"of 1887.

In Germany, Hitler and the Nazis were in power, but it was much chaos, because Germany was in war with America, France, Canada, and so forth. Also, Hitler is the person who started the holocaust, and the Nazis enforced it.

Hitler failed to gain power in 1923 since he took illegal actions pertaining to Putsch, the Weimar Republic was stable, therefore no need to have an extremist in power and Hitler goes to jail. However, he succeeded in 1933, since the great depression caused unemployment so Hitler promised job opportunities. His book Mein Kampf. He criticized the Treaty of Versailles therefore telling the people what they wanted to hear. Took legal action to get into the Reichtag. He also used Violence and Intimidation to scare the public.

so the government leaders don't gain to much power and form a monarchy

No its pretty much impossible, Hitler had a massive army of people which would be to hard to start in this time, so nope were safe!

He was charismatic and knew sociology but no one rational can admire what he did with his power when he could have done so much good.

Nobody..congress is there so that the President doesn't gain too much power but Congress doesn't hold all the power either..

They began to gain prominence under Cosimo de Medici in northern Italy- he built a banking empire.

He was in power from 1933 to 1945, so that is 12 years.

Hitler was chancellor from jan 1933 - aug 1934 then becomed fuhrur in 1934 when Hindenburg died

the dropped an atomic bomb and the gained a lot of power over Japan.

A boundless sense of entitlement ... and a zest for limitless expansion. Hitler wanted to gain power and territory and capture resources he could use to maintain his armies.

For checks and balances. So that each branch holds power over the other branches, so that not one brach can gain or hold too much power.

After the Treaty ending WW1, it left Germany out out of money and in a deep depression. Everybody was so desperate that when Hitler promised them jobs and economic security they jumped on it. So to answer your question: Poverty.

So that no governmental branch can have more power than the other

Because she was a kind, loving and gentle woman, and she loved Hitler very much.

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