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he was voted president then changed it to a Dictatorship.

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Q: How did Hitler gain so much power?
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Why was Hitler able to gain so much power?

Adolf Hitler was able to gain so much power because he could get so many people to follow him. (Think of all those Nazis) Then he abused his power by starting a war against all Jewish. He also allied with other strong countries and captured others.

Did the economic depression and weak government sllow Hitler to gain power in Germany?

no it made it easier to gain power because people were so desperate for something good to happen they would believe anything.

DO you think other nations could have prevented the Holocaust?

Not really... due to the fact that Adolf Hitler had gain so much respect and power that no country really stood up to him until WWII.

Why do you think Hitler was able to amass so much power so quickly?

He told them what they wanted to hear.

Why was Hitler so hungry for power?

he wanted power

How did viet cong gain so much power in south Vietnam?

Because of there stealth.

Why were dictators like Hitler able to gain so much power in the years before World War 2?

Hitler was very smart for one thing and he gave the people of Austria and Germany what they wanted but the reason dictators get so far in their own dictatorship is because they usually know what the people want.

How did dictators gain power in Europe?

Well during War War 2 Hitler was elected so was the Italian dictator and i believe the Japanese and they gained power by capturing other countries

How did American sugar interests gain so much power in Hawaii?

They gained their power under the "Bayonet Constitution"of 1887.

How did the Church gain so much power during the Medieval period?

They owned lots of land.

Is there an upper limit to magnetism or can magnetism only gain so much power?

I think there is no limit

What is the purpose of a constitutional government?

so the government leaders don't gain to much power and form a monarchy

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