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How did Hitler turn the Germans against the Jews?

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He didn't have to, they did anyway. First, prejudice against Jews was "in the air" in the 1920s anyway. Hitler didn't have to create those bad feelings, just channel them and amplify them. For example, when the stock marketcrashed and the Depression hit in the 1930s, no one really understood what had happened. It was easy to point to the already-disliked Jews and focus the blame on them. Second, the influence of Charles Darwin's evoluation was being felt and eugenics (selective breeding of humans) was considered forward-thinking and progressive in the early 20th century. Hitler used a lot of the language of eugenics to encourage Germans to extremes of nationalism with the excuse that it would help improve the German "race," like breeding thoroughbred horses. Again, he didn't invent the ideas of evoluation and eugenics, but he manipulated existing public opinion to a high degree. This helped the German people become callous towards the mentally retarded, non-Germans (like Jews and Gypsies), and others considered "undesireable" to improving the German race. This paved the way for Germans to co-operate with the Holocaust.


I am part German and my grandmother is German and no one ever hated her.

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Who does Adolph Hitler turn against?


Why did Hitler start the holocaust slowly?

To slowly turn the other Germans against the Jews, so that eventually they would accept Jewish exclusion.

How did hitler turn germany against jews?

Incessant propaganda and demonization.

Why did Hitler ban Jews from owning land?

he was afraid that they would turn against him and he was a big bully anyway. he was afraid that they would turn against him and he was a big bully anyway.

Why did many Germans turn against the Jews in Germany?

The answer might come from reading Martin Luther and Hitler's 'Mein Kampf.'

Why do Germans not like the Jews?

Initially, it was not the Germans who hated them mainly, but it was Adolf Hitler. Once he became chancellor and had his rival parties assassinated, he began turning the German population against the Jews with his charisma. In turn, the German people because to despise the Jewish people, thinking they were taking their jobs and their futures, and they did not belong there. Eventually, Hitler took the next eradicate them and create the perfect Aryan Race. This began WWII and the Holocaust.

What made Germans turn to the side of Nazis?

The Germans turned to the Nazis only because Hitler was a Nazi and Hitler was a good speaker and became furher

Why would some sell Jews to the Germans?

the only example of this that i can recall is when Jews would turn in other Jews in order to save themselves

Why did Hitler put out that propaganda about the Jews?

Hitler put out propoganda about the jews to make people think that they were bad. he also did it so when he murdered and tortured the jews they would be less likely to turn away from him.

Were Jews allowed in the Hitler Youth?

Absolutely not. The Jews were primarily who the Hitler's Youth hunted to turn in to authorities for extermination.

How did Hitler manage to turn children against their own?

The Hitler Youth among other tactics.

Did anti-semitism in Nazi Germany benefit Hitler?

Anti-semitism in Nazi Germany benefited Hitler because he was able to use it for his own purposes. By focusing people on the Jews, Hitler was able to get them to murder millions of people and to turn against other countries as well.

Why did Americans turn against Germans in world war 1?

sinking of the Lusitania

Why didn't the Nazis turn on Hitler?

Hitler was the leader they elected themselves. To be a National Socialist you had to join the party, why would they turn against their own leader?

Why did Ernst Hanfstaengl turn against Hitler?

Oviously because he had dounuts!

After his invasion of Poland what countries did Hitler turn his forces against next?


Was Hitler an key cause of the causing of the Holocaust?

No. He was the COMPLETE cause of the holocaust happening. He spread abusive and vicious propaganda about the Jews throughout all of German territory to get them to turn against all Jews. The Holocaust probably would not have happened without Hitler, but there were many more factors and influences that had to be in place before the Holocaust would happen.

What did Hitler do to turn the people against the media?

He called it fake just like Trump.

Did any Jews turn into Nazis just to get away from the camps?

the Jews used to dress up like nazui so they could escape so the Germans wouldn't kill them.

What kind of technology were the Germans utilizing throughout the Holocaust?

The transformation into soap technique was newly utilized technology. Through bacterial decomposition, the Germans would turn them into soap. Besides that was the ovens where they incinerated the Jews.

How did Hitler persuade the people to turn on Jews?

Propaganda, he used a great deal of it to show how they were the enemy since they had money during the depression.

How Hitler killed Jews?

Any way that he could, he shot them some of the soldures would beat them to death. <><><> Hitler ORDERED the killing of people through his subordinates. In turn, people (including Jews) were shot, starved, gassed, and killed in medical experiments. As well as beaten.

Was Britain right to declare war on Germany in 1939?

In my personal opinion, Britain did the right thing by going to war against German and for them. Hitler did try to sweet talk Britain to join him because since we beat Germany in the first world war, he thought that we would be a powerful alley to the Germans. It almost worked since some people in Britain agreed of what he was promising to the people, mostly that he was getting rid of Communist. It didn't work because I think Hitler just lost his mind waiting for Britain to join him so he bomb us anyway which in turn, made us declare war against the Germans. So overal it was the right thing to do since the Germans started it, or Hitler started it if a German reads this. I don't have anything against you at all!

Why did Hitler turn down the offer of more than a million Russians to fight for him against Stalin?

For ideological reasons.He viewed the Slavic peoples as subhuman "untermensch" who he believed were little better than the Jews so there was a reluctance to employ them in the German armed forces.However by the end of the war when Germany faced an acute manpower shortage they were less concerned about such things and by 1945 many thousands of Slavs were serving with the Germans.

Why did Germans result to violence as their economic situation worsened?

Actually Germany did result to violence. After ww1 Germany was in a horrible depression. Along comes Hitler promisses wealth and pride and a turn around for the country. He provided jobs and built the auto bahn. Then his egomania turned Germany to war against the" Jews". He was saying it was the "Jews" that caused all economic problems in Germany and the loss of ww1. By the time Germany figured out what his plan was, well it was too late to turn back. Either you follow or end up in a camp yourself. So much more to tell but that is the jist of it.